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    Iron..another possible mystery source

    This was in a review on an economy cartridge filter: Literally crumpled like a soda can inside the filter canister after about a month. The wire mesh inside was completely rusted. Horrible filter. I personally use the Pleatco filters and am very satisfied.
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    Local Ace hardware has LC 10% @2.99 gallon

    HTH starts with a 21...gibberish to me after that...anybody used this brand?
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    Are these the correct parts?

    Split from Cracked Diffuser? Just received oem hayward SPX3000BN for my came with the SPX3021R impeller ring in a sealed bag. My impeller is sp3210c.
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    TriStar diffuser is this vent hole normal?

    If not can it be epoxied?
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    Union o ring type .. picture attached

    10-year-old super pump Hayward what style o-ring would I have ? Common o-ring from the hardware store or is this a dedicated profile?
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    3M silcone paste..ok to use on pump lid o ring?

    Also i may be replacing diverter valve internal assy (Hayward PSV series)..can i use this lube as well?
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    INYO vs oem Hayward Gasket and seal kits.

    Pump is a 10 year old Tristar single speed 1hp / fine as we speak but would like to have a set of seals and gaskets on standby. INYO go kit 81 is $34.95 and my local Pinch a Penny set which is all OEM Hayward is $76.00. Advice appreciated.
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    REV D at the end of Tristar pump model #...?

    Here is the full model number on the pump. SP3200Z15 REV D ...hoping it doesn"t mean reverse direction.
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    Hayward pump union threads same as Extreme power?

    I have a 10 year old Hayward Tristar 1hp 1.85 sf currently in use but want to pull and set aside for a spare. I would like to be able to slide in a 2 speed Xtreme Power without any replumbing...hoping union threads from existing will screw right on to the Xtreme power pump. FYI both pumps are 2"...
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    Intex Air mattress with the faux suede on one side..ok to use in pool?

    My wifes favorite but cheap vinyl air mattress gave out(all ready 2 patches) so we picked up an intex air mattress a has the faux suede on one side. Is it ok to use in our pool?:unsure: