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    Acid wash

    Hello , I am planning to drain my pool and wanted to acid wash as I noticed a black - green line around the rim. I have read that acid wash takes years out of your pool. Should I acid wash the pool? Thank you
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    Pool Vaccum

    Hello everyone, I have an inground filter system for the pool and the jacuzzi. I am having doubts if this filteration system is good as a vaccum. I am debating if I should install a vaccum. if I do drill a hole for the vaccum, will I need to refurbish the whole pool?
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    New House old pump and filter

    Hi there, We just a bought a house and I am trying to get familiar with the pool system. The first thing I need to tackle is the pool pump and the filter timing. I am attaching a picture of the box and would like to know what are there functions. In my current pool, I do not have multiple...
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    Pool after a thunderstorm

    Hi All, We had a thunderstorm and my pool has gone brown. The thunderstorm was on Thursday and its Monday and its still brown and not clear. I have been running my pump from past 3 days with 2-3 hours breaks. The skimmer had collected a lot of leaves and debris, that has been cleaned. The...
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    FC Loss over 24 hours

    Hi All, Is there an average FC loss overnight? I have removed using tablets/pucks. Hence, I am adding 12-20oz liquid chlorine every day depending on the Pool Math app. I did the OCLT test and the loss of FC was around 0.2-0.4. The pool looks great. I will run the OCLT test again. In 24...
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    Cloudy Pool

    Hi All, This is my first post. I have recently drained my pool and re-filled it. Its been a week and my pool is a slightly cloudy. Couple days ago my chlorine level was low so I shocked it and ran the pump for like 12 hours but its been 2 days and there is slight cloudiness. Here are the...
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    Phosphate, TA, pH and CA High

    Hello All, I got my pool test done at the local store and the numbers seems off and I am reading all over the web and getting mixed answers. Hoping to get a better solution here. The numbers below: 1. TA : 170 2. CA : 100 3. pH : 8.0 4. Phosphates : 1000 Thank you for all your help.