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  1. Northrider23

    Stains after adding salt.... Help.

    Hi all. Pool just got replastered over a month ago. Yesterday I decided to go ahead and add the salt to charge my SWCG. As always I checked here first and found some posts that members had successfully used the Diamond Crystal pool salt from Home Depot. I went and purchased it and added to...
  2. Northrider23

    Reducing CH via lime softening process

    Wondering if anybody ever attempted it as decried in this thread: I did the test on the bucket as explained there and the CH went from 450 down to 25. I did a...
  3. Northrider23

    New in ground Shotcrete Pool Build in South Florida.

    After lurking in these forums for months and learning a ton, we are finally about to break ground. Its been a lot of motivation to watch all those spectacular builds go from a patch of dirt/grass to a unique designs. Our dig is scheduled for Wednesday February 19th. As our son turns a month...