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  1. martinkennedy

    new build in South Texas thread (caught a thief) funny-sort of

    Those of you who have seen or followed my thread "new build in South Texas" can appreciate the effort we put into our build. Well someone wanted what we have!! I have 13 cameras that cover the outside of my house and surrounding area. The video will show someone trying to steal our 55' Sunbrite...
  2. martinkennedy

    To all my Texas friends

    Anyone living in Texas realizes we have had a lot of rain. How much rain? I was watching golf this afternoon (while swimming) and they said that the state of Texas "had 31 trillion gallons of rain in the month of May". YES,TRILLIONS!!! My wife also told me that she read somewhere that there was...
  3. martinkennedy


    Jason, I wanted to make an additional contribution to support the site. I became a Platinum supporter. Although my build was completed (New build in South Texas) in August of last year, I sill regularly visit this site and enjoy all the builds going on. Once in awhile I also find I can share...
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  5. martinkennedy

    Anybody here of this type of finish

    My PB is going to be using this material. I have copied the web site below: They are going to use the Regal blue Fusion finish: Radiant Fusion Series with Pebble Radiance™, is a blend of Micro Mini Pebble, enhanced with the radiant...
  6. martinkennedy

    mixing finishes

    I have a build going on that you can see in the new construction forum under "new build in South Texas. I am going to have two finishes done to the interior of the pool. We are going to due Tahoe Blue quartz throughout the pool except on the infinity wall. We are going to do a Beadcrete finish...
  7. martinkennedy

    Just joined

    After being on the site for 3 or 4 months I just realized I could help support the site and the people that make it happen. DUH!! Thanks folks!
  8. martinkennedy

    New build in South Texas

    It’s taken me awhile to start putting this together. We selected our PB and signed a contract at the end of July 2013. My wife Diane and myself started construction in South Texas on a infinity edge pool. It’s 39 feet long (does not include catch basin) and 27 feet at its widest point. The pool...
  9. martinkennedy

    photo bucket test

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    IMG_1382 (2)
  11. martinkennedy

    exposing aggregate on a new pool build

    I am starting the construction of my infinity pool. I am having a Tahoe Blue Quartzscape finish. My PB is going to do an acid bath (fill the pool, add acid and brush the pool for a number of days) versus an acid wash and pressure wash before the pool is filled. I would imagine that I have to let...