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  1. TheMerk

    New RJ45+ Install, I glue like a 5 year old.

    You should see my FIL’s PVC glue jobs if you think that is bad.
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    Upgrading Pump Motor - New Impeller & Diffuser Too?

    Ah ok, that makes sense. That manual I linked to above shows that the 1.5 HP pumps have the A100FLL motor. Everything I can find about the A100FLL says that it has a 1.1 SF. I think I may just stick with the original impeller and diffuser though, just in case. I’d rather not cause trouble...
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    Upgrading Pump Motor - New Impeller & Diffuser Too?

    Current motor’s SF is 1.25:
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    Upgrading Pump Motor - New Impeller & Diffuser Too?

    I’m not concerned about labor. I’ve rebuilt other pumps before, and this looks fairly straightforward. I chatted with Inyo. They say that my combination of new motor and existing filter should be ok with the existing impeller and diffuser. Thst said, I had ordered the 1.5 HP impeller and...
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    Upgrading Pump Motor - New Impeller & Diffuser Too?

    Should I upgrade the impeller and diffuser if upgrading my 1.0 HP pump‘s motor to a 1.65 HP VSP motor? If the answer is yes, I believe I need to go with a 1.5 HP impeller and diffuser, right? My pump is a Sta-rite MPRA6E-147L. According to this manual, my impeller’s part no. is C105-236PB and...
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    What to do if I can't find chlorine?

    Just make sure that Chlorox brand tricolor doesn’t say Blue anywhere. That’s copper.
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    Target TA level

    I'm no expert, but I've got my TA pretty steady around 70, with the fill water being 110. I pay attention to the CSI after entering all values into Pool Math, and I'll lower the pH to whatever value will make the CSI -.3><0. I test every 2 days. For example, today's pH was eyeballed higher...
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    Ordered VS, can I trust the retailer?

    I called them and they are playing a recording saying that they're not accepting calls due to COVID-19, and that I should email them. So I emailed them, and got an auto-response that said they are getting crushed with business due to COVID-19, so response and shipping times may be slower than...
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    Ordered VS, can I trust the retailer?

    I did use a CC. So far there’s just the authorization.
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    Ordered VS, can I trust the retailer?

    I ordered a VS pump last night. I had spent the last week researching pumps and prices and settled on the Waterway Power Defender 165. Looking around at various retailers, I saw a guy on eBay with good reviews at the low end pricewise, a well respected site that I have ordered from before on...
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    Pool Deck Drain Repair - DIY?

    So it is possible to cut out the existing drains and slide the new replacements in there? I was under the impression that since the concrete was poured around these drain channels, cutting them out was next to impossible.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    The biggest issue we have with the decking is the darn micro drain channels are clogged and broken. My FIL and I have toyed around with the idea of renting a concrete saw, cutting a larger channel, and installing wider channel drains.
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    Nautilus CC Tread keeps falling off

    I think the rear pulley wheel has more play than it should. It definitely has more play than the wheel on the opposite side, letting the track roll off sometimes. I can’t tell how to take the wheel off. Does anyone know how to do that?
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    Borate = 100? Uh Oh! Now what???

    This thread was timely! I’m awaiting a delivery from TFTESTKITS later today with my first ever set of Borate test strips. Gonna see what my level is and then add enough to get to 50ppm. Hoping to buffer my pH better with Borates.
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    Nautilus CC Tread keeps falling off

    I replaced the treads last fall thinking that would solve the issue, but the tread on one side keeps falling off. Not every cleaning cycle, but certainly 1 out of every 5 on average. Is there any adjustment time be made to the rollers to make the tread “pulley” more tight?
  18. TheMerk

    Pulled out robot and saw these little bugs

    We get dead worms after hard rains too. One side of the pool is right up against a lawn, and I figure the worms come out due to the wet soil, and are dumb enough to crawl up onto the tile and then fall in.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    I wouldn’t call it a paradise, as we are in bad need of new decking and diving board, but here’s our pool. All credit goes to TFP for teaching me how to take care of it.
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    I don’t have before pics, but my FIL and I chopped down the limbs from my neighbor’s tree that hang over into my property and mostly over my pool. This Dang tree would DUMP seed pods and leaves all season long. All it took for me to be in poolside bliss was a $51 gas powered pole saw rental...
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    Leak, who's cheap and good in Arizona?

    Your pool pad looks eerily similar to my in-law's. Shasta installed that pool in 2007. If it's anything like there's, you can't really shut off the IFC. Based on what I know about their pool, here's what I think your plumbing does:
  26. 2019-05-30 13_41_42-Leak, who's cheap and good in Arizona_ _ Trouble Free Pool.png

    2019-05-30 13_41_42-Leak, who's cheap and good in Arizona_ _ Trouble Free Pool.png

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    Advice on measuring my kidney-shaped pool?

    My son and I went way overboard with calculating the depth of our odd shaped pool. We took a long PVC pipe and marked off feet and inches. Then we held it in the water every foot or so along the length of the pool, taking a measurement of the depth. Then we calculated the volume of each of...
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    What is causing this reaction?!?!

    I thought of that thread when I read this.
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    Which Cartridge filter to choose: Hayward C7030 (725 SqFt) or Pentair 160332 (525 SqFt)

    My FIL has the Hayward C7030. We cleaned the cartridges this weekend. Taking off the top was not hard and it isn’t heavy at all. It’s made of fiberglass. As far as weight of the cartridges go, they were also not heavy. Instead of 4 super long cartridges that would span the length of the unit...
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    Robot Cleaners - Dolphin S200/Dolphin Nautilus CC/etc

    I have had a Nautilus CC since Spring of 18. It does a great job in my pool, much better than my Hayward floor vacuum did before it. That said, in dusty AZ I found I had to purchase the fine filters because the robot would just blow around the dust and dirt instead of actually removing it from...