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    New Pool and Backyard overhaul - Orange County, CA (5/3/21 Update -- Pebble Sheen and Water Filling)

    Hello everyone! My pool/backyard rebuild broke ground on November 23,2020. I think we're about 75% done now. It's an interesting build because we have a pretty small back yard, and about half of the yard was taken up by a slope. So in order to get the pool built we had to remove about 8 feet...
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    New to Forum, Having Pool Built

    Hey folks! My next door neighbor turned me on to this forum! I'm located in Brea, CA (in Orange County, not too far from Disneyland) and I'm in the process of having a pool built in my backyard. We'd been thinking of doing this for many years as my wife loves lounging in our neighbor's pool in...