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  1. Kamil

    Got some algae

    Hello everyone, I have some algae in the pool... not sure why since my FC is around 8.5 ppm. Here are the test results: FC = 8.5 pH = 7.4 TA = 80 CYA = 55 I guess I'll need to SLAM it and brush it. Thanks for any advice, Kamil
  2. Kamil

    Test results

    So here are my results: FC 12.5 Ph 7.2 TA 80 Cya 30 Temp 62 I plan on adding proper amount of borax to raise ph.
  3. Kamil

    Want to get a new pump

    Hi everyone, I will be replacing the old Jacuzzi brand pump with a new one... is there a way to find out how much Watts this single old speed pump uses? Here is my old pump: Also some shots go my filter and plumbing: So... this pool was in bad shape when we moved in back in May...
  4. Kamil

    Looking to buy a pool cleaner.

    So we moved into this house in the Spring of 2014. I've been brushing and vacuuming this pool for the past 3 seasons. I'm tired of it... need a robot. I found a thread somewhere on this here forum and I'm thinking about buying the Doheny Discovery Doheny's Discovery Powered by Dolphin |...
  5. Kamil

    New DE filter/valve and Pump?

    Greetings everyone. I have an old sand filter and pump. I was thinking about replacing them. I have a 20x40 vinyl inground pool. Around 30K gallons. I was thinking about buying this filter Hayward DE4820 Pro-Grid 48 Sq. Ft. Vertical DE Pool Filter This pump. Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump...
  6. Kamil

    What should I do about this algae?

    I have a 28K gal vinyl pool FC = 2.5 pH = 7.6 TA = 80 CYA = 55 Temp = 78 deg. F There is green algae in the pool. Please see the pics. Flickr - Photo Sharing! I brushed it away but it came back, I had FC up around 9 but the algae keeps coming back (FC is low now... I'll have to add more...
  7. Kamil

    Cleaning up a 2 year old pool - holy moly!!!

    Hello everyone... I'm new to the forum (well I joined a while back... but not much posts) I was waiting on the short sale on this house... this is my first pool so I'm pretty new to this... I did watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn about balancing water. We finally bought this house that had...
  8. Kamil

    Multi-port valve small leak

    There is a small leak on the top of the multi-port valve (where the handle is). Is it possible to take this valve apart and clean/lubricate/repair it? Here is a picture of the valve I have.
  9. Kamil

    Possibly buying a "short sale" house with a green IG pool

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. We are in the process of buying a house that it a short sale. There is an IG pool that has not been maintained for probably a year. I want to close it so that the skimmers and other equipment do not get damaged over winter. The pump works, I was able to...
  10. Kamil

    Where can I buy winterizing plugs?

    I am looking for two #10 plugs... does anyone know where I can buy some? I'm located in Lancaster PA. Thanks in advance.