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  1. AuSoleil

    First test on K-2006 - not going as planned

    Hello, I tried my very first basic test for Chlorine(/Bromine?). With K-2006, I am taking the 25ml sample, adding 2 scoops of DPT870. The sample is not turning pink on swirls. I added some more scoops, and more scoops, to no avail. I checked my Chlorinator is loaded and running, water is going...
  2. AuSoleil

    Finding Aqualink RS rev number before iAqualink purchase

    Hello, According to the main thread (Jandy Aqualink RS - Further Reading) it should only be a matter of reading the Aqualink All-Button Panel. Unfortunately, all mine says after cycling through some basic info is LOW BATTERY despite getting a brand new one just now. I took pictures of the PCB...
  3. AuSoleil

    Hola from Texas

    It didn't take me long to decide to register after I visited the website. Looking forward to interacting with the community! Alex