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  1. Divin Dave

    Maybelle the Dolphin Nautilus - I'm gonna miss her.

    Welp, After years of being worked to death, left in the water for months on end, subjected to large leaves, acorns, sticks, drownded worms and lizards, and a host of other unknown oddities and made to work in freezing cold water in the winter time, my poor ol long in the tooth Dolphin Nautilus...
  2. Divin Dave

    Go Lobos!

    Anyone who lives in, or has ever lived in Texas knows how passionate we are about our High School football. My hometown Longview Lobos are playing for State Championship tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Ain't that right Matthew? GO LOBOS! Matthew McConaughey made a video wishing...
  3. Divin Dave

    IC 40 Blowing Fuse after Fuse

    Welp, As the title says, my IC 40 is blowing fuse after fuse. A couple of days ago is when I noticed the lights on the cell wouln't fire up. I put some bleach in the pool and waited until today to look at it further. My SWG is just finishing 5 years of trouble free operation. The fuse...
  4. Divin Dave

    IC-40 Red/Green Flashing Light time interval.

    So I'm wondering if any IC-40 owners might be or have experienced what I am? I'm going into year 5 with it. When I first turn my SWG, the Red/Green lights for good and low salt levels flash back and forth for what seems an inordinate amount of time before it goes steady green. These days...
  5. Divin Dave

    Margarita Making Machine :) - Recommendations?

    I want to buy a Margarita making machine. I would like for it to make at least 6 or 8 at once. Anyone got one? What is is? Do you like it? Let me know what ya have!
  6. Divin Dave

    Pool Timers

    Those of us with Pool Timers... don't forget to set your timer clock forward an hour this weekend! :)
  7. Divin Dave

    Photobucket has done away with the IMG code?

    I was going to link a photobucket pic to a post and at least on my photobuckt, there is no longer any of the 3 codes, inluding the IMG, that used to be there Anyone else noticed this or is something else gone whacky? grrrr.
  8. Divin Dave

    Dolphin Nautilus Plus question

    For all you folks out there with the new Nautilus Plus, Im asking this question so I dont hijack somones thread.... Im jsut curious.... Of the pics of seen of the cleaner on websites, the Handle is folded over to the side. Does the handle on the Nautilus rotate, so that its sticking straight...
  9. Divin Dave

    Hayward Pro Grid DE Filter size help ?

    So a friend of mine bought a new house with a pool and asked me to come help him learn how to use it. So I did. (yes, I do have friends, regardless of what y'all might think!). Anyways, He has a Hayward Pro Grid DE filter and the installer did not tick off the size that it is. I know its a...
  10. Divin Dave

    508 Errors yesterday, still super slow today

    If you watched hte national news, Chicago had some bad weather issues. That where the servery and Ozzy are. Not sure, but I think the problems are related to that. Either that, or Dave didnt pay the internet bill !
  11. Divin Dave

    Pressure Gauge

    WoW! So I had to order some more R-0013 from tftestkits. I figured I would go ahead and get one of those fancy glycerin filled pressure gauges while I was at it. My original gauge at 1 1/2 years old is a bit sticky now and then and not really the most reader friendly because of the small size...
  12. Divin Dave

    Pentair Easy Touch and IC 40 SWG questions

    I have a couple questions about Pentair Easy Touch being used with IC40. First, can anyone tell me how to ensure the Chlorine output of the IC40 can be set to 0, or be turned off via the easy touch. Next - I think the answer is no, but want to cofirm it. - With the IC 40 connected to the Easy...
  13. Divin Dave

    Fore !!!

    If y'all know what fore means, then you know where I'm at today! Im sooooo glad winter is over! Gonna finally get to try out my new putter I got for Christmas! :)
  14. Divin Dave

    booster pipe leak

    Hi Pamela, welcome to TFP! its hard to tell by the pic... if you have one of all your equpment it might help in determine all of it. TYpically though, from what I can see in the pic, that flexible tubing to connected to a pipe underground. THat pipe goes into the wall of the pool, and that...
  15. Divin Dave

    R0009 has a pink tint

    Hummm.... well the weather is so nice today where I live, I decided to do a full set of water tests, which I haven't done in a while. (a while meaning since September!) Here are my water parameters today. FC 4 CC 0 CYA 40 as expected with all of the dilution from the rain we've had here TA...
  16. Divin Dave


    There we go! LOL....
  17. Divin Dave

    Help with Hayward Aquarite Calibratin

    Welp, I'm glad its not my mine! I've been helping a friend of mine with some pool stuff. Long story short, the Aquarite Controller does not seem to be calibrating the Salt Level properly. Water has been tested by the pool store and with my salt strips so I'm fairly confident the salt level...
  18. Divin Dave

    California Dreaming...

    So. Should I call my bookie and bet some money on California Chrome to win the Belmont Stakes this afternoon, and the Triple Crown.... or not? What do y'all think? I'm stoked and ready to see a Trippple Crown Winner !
  19. Divin Dave

    Does robot clean steps?

    Well now, check this out! He will definitely clean the bottom one but he runs into problems getting to the middle step. Ha! I have seen this little dude on the step a few times now but never sideways! Just thoght it was cool
  20. Divin Dave

    Divin Daves Hydroseed yard. Any experts ? :-(

    Welp, yesterday was the last large task my pool build and backyard makeover. Nothing really fancy, but suits me and thats all that counts. Putting down sod was just ridiculously expensive for me and out of the question. Hydroseed seemed like a great and affordable alternative. Blackjack...
  21. Divin Dave

    any of the solar landscape lights any good?

    Whew! It's been a lot of work, but I am finally on the downhill side of finishing up. Ive done about 50 % of the pool build and every inch of the landscaping by myself too. :bounce: So, I would like some path lights around my deck and maybe here an there to highlight some of the plants...
  22. Divin Dave

    Hayward Shark vac Robot

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Hayward SharkVac robot? Good? Bad? Indifferent? ... c9742/7924 I could care less if it climbs the walls, but doing a decent bottom job on leaves and acorns would be nice. I would prefer a Dolphin since I understand they...
  23. Divin Dave

    New guy - Hello

    Howdy Folks! New guy here from Longview, Texas. My name is Divin' Dave! I've never had a pool before, and after all these years pool-less, my new swimming pool build starts next week! I'm looking forward to learing a lot from you good folks! I'm almost ready for summer to start again too...