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  1. joshscott84

    Jacuzzi J-H127C Heater automation/remote control

    I'm looking for a way to automate and/or remotely control my Jacuzzi J-H127C heater. I will preface with I have already emailed Jacuzzi support but am still waiting to hear back. I did not find any info in the product user manual nor searching the interwebs. What I have found though is a line...
  2. joshscott84

    sig test

    test test
  3. joshscott84

    High CYA? Better CYA Test?

    Hi, New pool owner and new TFP member. I went ahead and bought the Taylor-K2006c test kit. I have tested my water 3 days in a row before posting as to make sure I had a solid set of number. From the test results it appears the majority of my numbers are close to being in range with exception...