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  1. spd500

    VSP for Water Feature

    I am not sure if it is bad thing or not, but we have a VS900 Hayward for our water features. I do like that I can adjust the water features with the variable speed. We have enough pump power to run the VS at 15-1600 RPM
  2. spd500

    Seat pads?

    We are just finishing our new pool/spa build and finally getting to enjoy it some! With the weather being cooler we have mainly only been heating the spa and having movie nights and football on the weekends. Our pool is Wet Edge Luna quartz, and it is a little abrasive. It doesn't really bother...
  3. spd500

    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus being discontinued

    I called Marina Pool and Spa today and spoke with Margaret with the idea that I was ready to order a dolphin Nautilus CC Plus for my pool and she told me that they have changed the design and they are going to be discontinued! Her suggestion was to get a Pentair Warrior instead of the Dolphin...
  4. spd500

    Mosquito Misting Systems

    Has anyone here installed a mosquito misting system? We really need one, I would prefer to install myself either with a kit or DIY setup. What suggestions do the more experienced members have? Anyone have any plans for a good DIY setup or a good kit that isn't going to cost a fortune?
  5. spd500

    Planning SWCG installation

    We are early in the construction of a new pool and have decided that we want Saltwater for sure, and that leads to more questions for us. 1. My wife really wants travertine coping, will that be ok? 2. We are doing a stacked travertine waterfall from the hot tub into the pool, will that be ok...
  6. spd500

    New construction in Houston, Tx ** Trying to complete punch list**

    Thanks for accepting me to the group, here are the renderings of the pool we are building. I am still working through all of the details and trying to learn about the equipment and everything else. I am not sure yet if we will be doing the saltwater system, mineral system, or chlorine. I have...