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  1. HiddenRiver

    Newly Plastered Pool Closing Chemistry

    Our pool was just replastered with Wet Edge quartz based plaster on October 26. We have been brushing and balancing since. Tomorrow the pool folks come to close the pool for the winter. I have been working hard but trying not to cause extreme changes in water chemistry, but the pH is as low...
  2. HiddenRiver

    Pool Replaster Day 8-

    Folks I need a sanity check. Our pool replaster is in day 8 of curing process and we have been brushing and trying to balance since this time. Today I was able to add more CYA to get that level up to 25. But I continue to have trouble getting my pH down and alkalinity down. Today I was able...
  3. HiddenRiver

    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    We replastered the pool with wet edge Martinique quartzite on October 28. We added 120 ounces of sequestering agent according to contractor recommendation. Pool now is 0 chlorine 70 calcium hardness 8.2 pH, 240 Alkalinity. 0 CYA. I just added 8 pounds of cal hypo which pool math says it will...
  4. HiddenRiver

    Suggestions to partially close pool light niche

    We are in the middle of having our gunnite pool resurfaced with quartzite. The contractor has patched all the cracks and removed and replaced most of the surface plaster and sprayed on grout (I guess) and then sprayed on a grey rough layer to which the new surface will adhere. We were delayed...
  5. HiddenRiver

    Suggestions for Good Quality Underground Pool Light

    We are having our 30+ year old pool completely replastered right now. The old light and niche is deteriorated and does not work. What would you recommend for a good quality but not overly expensive light that will last? Not interested in remote control from my phone...spend about $500 or so...
  6. HiddenRiver

    Recommendation needed for replacing concrete pool lining

    What is the best option for functionality?
  7. HiddenRiver

    Removed cover to green mess

    Any words of wisdom would be so appreciated! They will set up pump tomorrow. What can I do without chlorine ( delivered tomorrow) until then? I do have some Refresh and chlorine tablets left over from last year? Should I pour some in?
  8. HiddenRiver

    So good to be back!!

    Just found this very lovely phone friendly new TFP website. I have been checking and checking TapaTalk with no more TFP. Looking forward to the coming season and learning more and more about my pool!
  9. HiddenRiver

    Closing without Polyquat—How big of a problem?

    My husband took charge of closing pool this year and apparently no polyquat was added by the pool people . My husband added about 2.5 gallons of 12% and completely cleaned the pool but no one added algaecide and now the cover is on and water level has been lowered water removed from lines and...
  10. HiddenRiver

    Remove and store filter and pump for winter?

    When we purchased this house three years ago (first time pool owners) the previous owner had regularly stashed the filter and pump in the barn for the winter. The PS guy opened our pool for the first time and also continues to close it (someday we will have the guts to do it). The guy told us...
  11. HiddenRiver

    Is this good bleach/a good deal?

    Top Job from Dollar General. Does not appear to be a gallon—96 ounces —no percentage bleach but says sodium hypochlorite. Only $1 a dollar! Thoughts on this and the code on the bottle?
  12. HiddenRiver

    Green on pool walls

    Things have been going well with our pool this year. The past two weeks we have had more than 8 inches of rain. Needless to say though I have been keeping the FC up as best I can, today I noticed green on the walls of the pool, but is it possible that it isn’t algae? The water is crystal...
  13. HiddenRiver

    Thoughts on switching to SWCG?

    I have an old pool with an old DE filter (with “fingers”) and a new 1.5 hp Hayward single speed pump. I have only one skimmer working, not sure why the other skimmer doesn’t work. Two return jets work. One underwater light does not work. As you can see from my signature the pool is pretty big...
  14. HiddenRiver

    Water Temperature-thermometer suggestion?

    I have purchased two thermometers from the pool store and both have fallen apart within weeks of use. Any suggestions for a decent thermometer I could order online?
  15. HiddenRiver

    Calcium hypochlorite powder

    So, if Calcium hypochlorite liquid is regular bleach is Calcium hypochlorite crystals or powder also known as “refresh” ok to use?
  16. HiddenRiver

    Calcium chloride or Calcium Chloride dihydrate

    In the middle of a slam. I took the chlorine too high with the 12% chlorine so need to get the numbers down—hopefully the sun will do it today! My question is, the calcium hardness needs to be increased a bit too but not sure what source of chemical to use? Is it baking soda? FC. 22 CC. 0.5...
  17. HiddenRiver

    Priming pump question

    I came home from work today after family members were in the pool all afternoon with the pump gurgling and bubbles coming out of the jets along with some water. I noticed in the clear window of where we (really the pool guy opens and closes our pool so I have no clue) pour water to prime the...
  18. HiddenRiver

    Hair nets-how to put on basket

    Someone recommended some bouffant hairnets from Amazon to catch large amounts of pollen and other fine material blowing in to the pool. I have them but not sure whether to put the filer between the skimmer basket and the filter or put on the inside of the basket. idea if on the...
  19. HiddenRiver

    My pump and filter piping is leaking badly—need some advice on how to fix it

    The short pipe that connects the white filter housing to the black unit behind the pump is leaking badly. When we first started up the pump on Wednesday it was dripping only a little. Now water is “pouring” from the connection. I see no way to tighten this. Would anyone have some advice on...
  20. HiddenRiver

    Chlorine prices—comment

    Last night we went to Walmart to purchase chlorine in anticipation of pool opening in a week or so. The 121 oz store brand bottle was 6% strength for $1.97. I bought 6 bottles. Today at Giant they had 128 ounce bottles “Guaranteed Value” for $1.49 each but no indication of strength. Seems...
  21. HiddenRiver

    Reminiscing about our black algae nightmare

    This photo is from June 2, 2017, the day I realized the black stains on the bottom and sides of our beautiful pool were growing and they were likely the result of black algae. I learned a few things— 1. Algae comes in a rainbow array of colors including black. Ew. 2. Many items including...
  22. HiddenRiver

    Closing pool too early

    We were convinced to sign up for the pool guy to come close our pool second week of Sept and deploy our cover which is way too heavy for my husband and me to deploy by ourselves. The cover is dark blue and water will permeate the cover but it is heavy duty and well sealed around the edges. The...
  23. HiddenRiver

    New Pump Suggestion?

    Our pump quit yesterday. I will see if it is just the capacitor, but if it is not (probably 25 years old) are there suggestions for a good solid pump? The current one is so rusted I cant see what the make is. I have only one skimmer working but it is adequate in keeping the chemistry right...
  24. HiddenRiver

    Sort of New, Trying to Find my Way on the website, and my Pump just quit!

    The advice here seems to be very good. I have put most of it into practice for the first time this year, with excellent results, thank you! I have owned this old pool for a little over a year. Now I have a problem with my ancient pump. It has been humming before kicking in, and today it...
  25. HiddenRiver

    Needed advice for pool finish repair

    This past spring I posted about our horrible black algae experience, we think was brought in with the coping and tile replacement contractor's brooms. WE asked him to repair a few spots in our 24 x 40, 25 year old pool where there was damaged gunnite. He did, and it looked pretty good until we...
  26. HiddenRiver

    Can't reduce the cloudiness---please help!

    FC=10 CC= 0 pH= 7.5 TA=100ppm CH=330ppm CYA=30 I am a new pool owner with a 25 year old pool. I just spent about 3 weeks trying to rid the pool of black algae--was gone about a week ago, but now pool is cloudy and i cant seem to clear it up. Pool store convinced us to lower pH and likely the...
  27. HiddenRiver

    Not sure when to claim victory over Black Algae infestation

    We also have been battling black algae for about 4 weeks. It started as a few linear blackish streaks in the bottom of the pool and progressed in getting wider and longer, and then patches of black showed up on the plaster walls. During the late winter early spring we had a tile guy replace...