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  1. ATX61

    Hayward pump and or motor seized up

    Loud humming noise when turned on. Motor and pump is not turning. Just happened yesterday afternoon with no warning. Was working fine in the morning and not making any abnormal noises. It is a Hayward SP3210X15. I see them for sale online as a motor/pump assembly. Is best option to replace both...
  2. ATX61

    Hayward Gas Heater Install questions

    Recently purchased a Hayward 400,000 BTU gas heater. Trying to get my plumbing lined out before I get into the install. Pic of pool pump/filter set up attached pic. Left side of pic is yellow mark where I plan to cut into plumbing to feed the heater. Right side of pic is where plan to cut into...
  3. ATX61

    New to TFP - water balance issues

    First time poster here. Recently joined TFP and have been reading throughout the forums and also Pool School. I will be installing a Hayward 400,000 BTU gas heater soon and want to get my water into good balance prior. Like a previous poster in this forum I had a pool service that was taking...