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  1. bxcrwlly

    Pool Math App - Exporting CSV to App

    So usually about this time each year I export my prior year testing data from Pool Math to an Excel file. Worked like a charm, as usual. This year I'm trying to take my 2020 CSV file and send it back to populate my Pool Math App. I have the instructions from last year on how to do it; however...
  2. bxcrwlly

    Misplaced Spa Calculations For Reducing Chlorine Using Hydrogen Peroxide

    I seemed to have misplaced my once received from the forum, guidelines on how much Hydrogen Peroxide to use in my spa to reduce chlorine to a tolerable level around 3-5ppm. I did a bit of online research and found a few articles one of which talks about 2 ounces Hydrogen Peroxide for every 100...
  3. bxcrwlly

    Members In Florida - Particularly Central Florida - Horrific Pollen Problem

    My pool has recently been plagued with accumulation of Cypress and Oak Pollen. The stuff sinks to the bottom and collects on the side. I can easily brush and vacuum it away; however, it returns with a vengeance especially when the wind blows with high velocity. My home & pool backs up to a...
  4. bxcrwlly

    Pentair Variable Speed Pump Not Priming After Using Spa

    In the world of unusual, my Pentair VSP, doesn't want to prime after I've used the Spa when trying to switch back to pool mode. All valves/actuators seems to be operating normal. While I can go from pool mode to spa mode without issue, when I switch back, pump tries to prime but no water...
  5. bxcrwlly

    Salvage Value/Recycling Actuators

    I've recently had to replace 3 actuators. Two are Compool CVA 24 180 degree, One is a Hayward GVA 24 180 degree. Does anyone on the forum know if there is a company and/or individual that recycles or buys as salvage used actuators? Thanks.......
  6. bxcrwlly

    Instructions For Removing and Disassembling Pool Filter Core - Pentair CC100

    Searched far and wide for a video or written instructions on how to take apart my filter core on a Pentair CC100 filter. I wanted to remove it for a thorough cleaning. It disconnects about half way; however, I can't seem to remove the section that attaches to the filter housing. Also looking...
  7. bxcrwlly

    Buyer Beware! Amazon Re-Seller Sent Borate Strips In Hydrogen Peroxide Container

    For the benefit of forum members, I want to relay an incident that recently happened to me when I purchased the Lamotte Borate Test Strips from an Amazon Re-seller. The Re-selller "Number 1 In Service" sent my Borate test strips in a container previously containing Hydrogen Peroxide test...
  8. bxcrwlly

    Chlorine Not Dropping On Its Own

    I experienced a mild case of Mustard Algae around Thanksgiving. I ran the SLAM process which I completed 12/2/16. I've been waiting for my chlorine level to drop on its own; however, I'm not having any quick successes. Here's my test results since the SLAM. 12/1/16 - FC was at 44.5 - It had...
  9. bxcrwlly

    Mustard Algae, SLAM, Testing(How Long Should I Wait)

    I just completed the SLAM process due to a Mustard Algae outbreak. I met all 3 requirements of SLAM. I've been running my pool pump 24 hours per day for 4 days and brushing daily. Now awaiting drop in chlorine level. At the peak of the SLAM process, my chlorine level based on my CYA and...
  10. bxcrwlly

    IntelliPh Injector

    For those of you using Pentair's IntelliPh automation to maintain your acid. I just replaced my pump head, again for the third year in a row due to corrosion and failure. More importantly, I want to let you know that I also found my injector had failed. Apparently, from what I've "heard,"...
  11. bxcrwlly

    Water Leveler - Fill & Drain

    I'm looking for any info on a pool water leveling device that either adds or drains water to maintain a certain water level. All those I reviewed only add water. Since I live in Florida, I need a device that works both ways.
  12. bxcrwlly

    Solar Cover Creating Chemical Imbalance

    For the last two years, in October, when my solar cover has been on the pool for a couple of weeks, I've noticed my chlorine level drops to zero. With a SWG, this is not good, so I start adding liquid chlorine. I read some old posts 2008 and prior regarding negative impacts to pool chemicals...
  13. bxcrwlly

    Help On Removing Salt Deposits From Brick Coping

    Looking for suggestions on techniques and products that will remove salt deposits from our brick coping. I've read articles indicating power washing could force salt residue deeper into the brick, so not sure that's a great idea. I see that some folks have tried non-diluted MA. Want to make...
  14. bxcrwlly

    Borax Hardening In Salt Pool

    Looking for some ideas/feedback. I use borax in my 11,600 gal. salt pool. Initially I was adding as per TFP guidelines. I began accumulating hardened "blocks" of borax in my pump pot. Wasn't sure what precipitated them to appear. Posted on the forum and suggestion was made to add borax via...
  15. bxcrwlly

    Borate Drop Test - Failed

    I tried the Borate drop test today. I had ordered the S-0009 and S-0010 from Amazon to use in conjunction with my Taylor K-2006. So I got to step 3 where you add 5 drops of the S-0009 Bromothymol Blue. The sample should turn yellow. Didn't happen. So then, you continue adding R-0009 drop...
  16. bxcrwlly

    TSP - Filter Cleaner or Algae Contributor?

    So I finally purchased TSP and gave my oldest filter a soak for 24 hours. While it was soaking, I started getting cold feet about using TSP due to the dreaded algae stimulant "phosphates." I poked around on a few of the post related to TSP but really didn't see a conclusive response. My pool...
  17. bxcrwlly

    Where Are "Drafts" Stored?

    If I start typing a reply, I see an "AutoSaved" icon in the lower right. Assume I exit the reply without posting. Where is the "draft document" stored?
  18. bxcrwlly

    Unusual Stain In Tile Grout

    Last week I noticed a strange stain appearing in the tile grout in the area of the spa spill-over into the pool. In the past I would see an occasional calcium build up in this area but never anything as depicted in the photo. The color is a reddish-brown. I removed most of it with muriatic...
  19. bxcrwlly

    Single Speed Vs. IntelliFlo

    Reviewing my whole house power consumption the other day and wondered how much of my bill was consumed by my pool pump. Found an online chart that based on horsepower, speed and run-time displayed that I was using 392kwh per month. I did the math (with the help of Excel) and found that my pool...
  20. bxcrwlly

    The Old O'Ring - Cartridge Filter

    After two years of using my Pentair CC100, I noticed the O-Ring being a bit worn, stretched and plus the fact I seemed to be drawing a slight bit of air into my system. I figured it was about time for a replacement, so off to the pool store I go. Got the O-ring and an extra tube of silicon...
  21. bxcrwlly

    Borax & MA Computation Differentials

    Looking for clarification. I used "waterbear's" 2008 posted calculations to determine the quantity of Borax and MA needed to adjust my pool to the desired borate level. Just for grins, I hopped over to the pool calculator and ran a comparative. I noticed a 27-29% higher differential with...
  22. bxcrwlly

    Installed Pentair's IntelliPH

    o.k., after much delay and being tired of dosing the pool every other day with MA, because of my SWG, I bit the dust and installed Pentair's IntelliPH. My pool contractor tried to steer me toward the IntelliChem, but for my application, that seemed a bit overboard with functionality and price...
  23. bxcrwlly

    CYA Differentials, Mine vs. Pool Stoe

    Have been trying to get my CYA up to 70-75. Tested last week using my Taylor K2006. Dot disappeared around 50ppm. Before adding additional stabilizer, decided to take a water sample to pool store. They tested CYA at 100ppm. When performing my K2006 test, I wait for water temperature in...
  24. bxcrwlly

    Cause for CH Increases

    Weeks ago, my CH registered at 250. Today it registered at 425. Obviously I want to get it back in the normal range of 250-350. I'm wondering what is causing this gradual rise. Are there other chemicals (I'm using the BBB method) that is causing this rise? Can CH be impacted by water temp...
  25. bxcrwlly

    Valve Locks

    I'm looking for information from the community regarding valve locks. Our pool equipment is located behind our house outside of the pool cage. Our yard is not fenced. I want to be able to apply locks to all critical pool valves to prevent any potential for vandals to tamper with pool...
  26. bxcrwlly

    Took The Borate Plunge - But, May Need Help

    I finally took the borate plunge. I used TFP's guidelines on adding 20MTB and acid. Using TFP's recommended Lamotte test strips, my borate tested at 50. I was shooting for 40...not sure how that happened. Prior to borates I was adding acid every other day to keep PH around 7.4. I was adding...
  27. bxcrwlly

    Product To Degrease Cartridge Filter

    The pool store cartridge filter cleaning products are expensive and difficult to use. I've heard you can use a leading "dishwasher" product and achieve better results. Obviously you have to ensure the filter is rinsed very well so as not to introduce dishwasher soap to the pool. Anyone have...
  28. bxcrwlly

    Lowering Calcium Hardness & Alkalinity

    Just completed a no-drain acid treatment on the pool to remove hydration stains. Now trying to balance pool. All going well except Calcium Hardness and Alkalinity. PH was 7.4 with Alk at 175, so I dropped PH to 7.0. Any idea how long it takes Alk to drop with PH at 7.0? Out of the faucet...
  29. bxcrwlly

    Strong Chlorine Smell - Spa

    o.k. so I used the TFP regimen to balance my water. My FC is 5.0 and stabilizer is 70. Ph is 7.5. My spa is connected to the pool via a waterfall but can be isolated for spa only mode when using it. I fired it up Friday night and and the spa started heating. Outside temp was 45 degrees...
  30. bxcrwlly

    FC Levels

    I've read in this forum that a salt pool with a CYA of 70 should have a target FC level of 5. Everything I've read about chlorine levels indicates anything above an FC of 3 poses a health risk. Can someone please comment or advise?