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  1. Bordertown


    I don't see a tread on the Apple APP Store mobile app. Can someone tell me how to sync my results that I just did on my IPAD to my IPHONE. I re authorized the ipad on the weekend, now it's asking me to re authorize my iPhone when I try to log test result. I would think that you should be able...
  2. Bordertown

    T Cell small water leak

    must have a small hairline crack along the back side of the TCELL....thinking a bead of silicone might fix it, wondering if it hold. Anybody else ever had this issue ?
  3. Bordertown

    CYA level after long winter

    would CYA be all gone after 8 months of fall & winter ? I was at 60 when I closed the poll. 2 days ago I added 77 oz, that should have gotten me to 30 ppm so that I can start the SLAM process. However I'm reading like 50 today. Or is it too soon to get a proper CYA level reading? I did...
  4. Bordertown


    so I lend my speedstir to my co worker and he lost the magnetic spin bar that came with the kit. I looking to replace it and get an extra one. Looking on Amazon and cannot find a replacement. And not sure what type / size. Do any of you have any help to offer on where and what to buy ? TY
  5. Bordertown

    How old is too old ?

    Bought K2006 1 year ago, what reagent in the kit should I replace. I’m thinking some test may not be accurate .
  6. Bordertown

    Is it better to slam at lower CYA

    Slam at 50 CYA or bring CYA to 70 target then slam
  7. Bordertown

    Overnight SLAM question

    Helping my friend. He had a problem with his pump he got it fixed. However in that 5 days his water turned green. I have his CYA to 70, his PH to 7.2. Figured out his approximate qty of water in his kidney shape in ground pool. So so started a SLAM to 24 ppm at noon today. We have 6...
  8. Bordertown


    has anybody here ever use this: Smart Shield™ Effective reduction of water loss and maintaining water temps Creates an ultra-thin, invisible layer on the water surface Family-friendly alternative to physical pool covers Long-lasting results from small doses - - - Updated - - - or will this...
  9. Bordertown

    CANADA Taylor Reagent R-0013-C Cyanuric

    WOW ordered this on Amazon. Can I get this in Canada or otherwise faster ? anybody know ? - - - Updated - - - ETA July 4......way too long
  10. Bordertown

    Do i increase cya and ph during slam?

    In the last week my above ground 27” pool water has gone from black water to gray water to blue. However still very cloudy. i bought a Taylor K2006 test kit however ran out of reagent to check CYA as I was doing multiple test trying to get the hang of reading the black dot. However my last...