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  1. RaleighDawg

    Winter Insulating Cover

    So i we have just about made it through our first winter. My wife swims every morning. and i mean every morning. she was out there in snow storms, ice storms and temperatures in the teens. We keep the pool at 83 and she warms it up to 85 about an hour or two before going out to swim and let’s it...
  2. RaleighDawg

    Robot Brain Weather/Waterproof?

    I have a DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme and the instructions say/imply to not leave the head unit out in the weather or let it get wet. When i talk to people they don't seem to be worrying about bringing the head unit in and out depending on the weather. I am currently bringing it in every time...
  3. RaleighDawg

    Oversize? SWG, Filter, Heater

    I read a lot of posts about over-sizing the SWG and filter when building a pool. We are about to get started and will be building a 21,000 gallon pool and i want to better understand what is considered oversized appropriately and what would be considered over kill. Our builder is showing a...