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  1. Windylou

    Hard plumbing just this one piece.

    First off, I want to say that I hope all of my fellow Texans were as lucky as we were this past week. Very minimum damage. My plan was to just leave my pump going. Well at some point on the second night, the bottom part of this hose popped off. It’s something I’ve been wanting to hard plumb, but...
  2. Windylou

    Lake water??

    To me, this is an obvious answer, but let’s humor someone... I’m helping someone get their pool in order & they live lakeside. We’re draining quite a bit bc the CYA was at least 200 & that’s just a guess bc my test tube doesn’t register at that number. So they’ve asked can’t we just refill from...
  3. Windylou

    Anyone have outlets installed on their deck?

    I bought the NiteLighter pool light this year & the place that I currently have it installed doesn’t leave enough room to plug it in comfortably. It’s on the short end of my pool & the deck on that side is 10 ft, then my equipment & outlets are installed about 4 ft away from the deck. It can...
  4. Windylou

    Pool bottom flaking off?

    This is out of my area of expertise. But I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. I’m trying to help an elderly lady that has been taken advantage of by the pool company. She sent me these pics, it looks like the plaster(not positive it is plaster) is coming off the bottom. Yes, her pool is...
  5. Windylou

    I just HAD to share!!

    So I’m in this group on fb & I came across this post today that just blew me away. So I had to share with some folks that I knew would love it as much as I did. This guy bought this seized property for cheap, noticed the ground stayed wet, got to digging around & found a huge pool FULLY intact...
  6. Windylou

    Matching deck stain with furniture stain?

    Anyone have wood furniture with a wooden deck? Our deck isn’t finished yet, so I haven’t even picked out a stain. I’m planning to build some chairs tomorrow & I was trying to figure out how to match them. I wouldn’t think it would look good with them being the same color. Thoughts?
  7. Windylou

    Ants???? Vacuum hose????

    Ugh, so I bought Wanda the whale about a month ago & at this point I feel like vacuuming is doing more harm than good. Every time I put her in to vacuum, ants crowd all along the hose & end up in the pool. Is there a trick to making the hose stay under the surface? I’d think it would without any...
  8. Windylou

    SWG & Test have VERY different levels.

    My Aquatrol SWG & my Taylor SW test are giving me two different readings, idk what to trust. The Taylor kit is new & it keeps giving me a reading of 3800. When I first turned on my Aquatrol, it was reading 3400, then a couple days later, 3200, now 3100. From what I understand, losing salt isn’t...
  9. Windylou

    Gallons in Intex 16x32?

    Wondering what everyone else goes by for their gallons in the Intex 16x32. Intex says it’s 14,364, but calculating it, it comes out to 17,280. 3,000 gallons is quite a difference I’d think when you’re trying to balance your water correctly.
  10. Windylou

    Day 23 of SLAM, what gives?

    So I just ended day 23 of our SLAM. I feel like I’m doing everything right, but something has got to be wrong for it to take this long. Pump has been going nonstop for this long. I bring it up to SLAM level at least twice per day. With this being said, it rarely even gets under SLAM level. Last...
  11. Windylou

    Pool lights?

    Just wondering which pool lights others have?
  12. Windylou

    XTR Set up ideas

    I’m trying to go ahead & plan early. I intend to get an XTR at the end of season on sale this year to replace my existing ultra frame. It’s been a learning experience. After 3 years, we have quite a bit of rust. Even though the XTR claims to be rust proof, I want to be overly cautious. I know...
  13. Windylou

    CC really high

    We are SLAMMING, which seems like it’s taking forever. We are on day 13.... Raise it to SLAM level at least twice per day, on the weekends I try to keep it that way constantly. Brushed and raked daily. Backwash about every 2 or 3 days. CC is typically .5-1.5, hasn’t passed the overnight test...
  14. Windylou

    Cya levels for SWG??

    I have an Intex Ultra Frame with Hayward power flo lx 1 hp pump & sand filter with Hayward T cell 5 salt cell. Just opened the pool & started SLAM. I didn’t close properly last year, so it was a hot green mess. My question is, what’s the reason behind the CYA having to be so much higher on SLAM...
  15. Windylou

    Add Cya before SLAM?

    At closing last year, cover ripped and we just left it so I knew opening was going to be a challenge. Went to open last weekend & pump was shot, so had to order a new one. It came in, so we’re hoping to get opened today. Cya test is showing less than 20. We could still see the dot with the tube...
  16. Windylou

    Hayward pump tripping gfci??

    I have an intex 16x32 ultra frame, upgraded to Hayward 1.5 hp pump & sand filter with Hayward T cell 5 salt generator. Going to open pool today & the pump immediately trips gfci. This pump is just under 2 years old. I bought it because everyone raves about Hayward, but going out in under 2 years...
  17. Windylou

    Installing skimmer with deck. Advice on emptying?

    I think I’m going to install a skimmer(it’s been sitting under my desk for about a month, I’ve had to muster up the courage to do it). I’m also in the process of building our huge deck. Since our pool info isn’t listed in our signature anymore, I have an Intex 16x32, dropped in the ground about...
  18. Windylou

    Grease your intex connections!

    Hey Guys, I just saw something on a youtube video that I hadn't read here that I thought was a brilliant idea. So please correct me if I'm wrong. The video wasn't in english so I was kinda watching & deciphering. This guy was greasing every where that the poles connected to avoid rust. I thought...
  19. Windylou

    Hayward Panel Displaying random numbers??

    I have a Hayward Aqua Trol T Cell 5 & typically the auto display gives you the salt level(2700-3400) then if you push the button once, it will give you the pool temp & so on. Now the auto display says 3.60 & if you push the button once, it says 31. There is nothing in the manual about this. I...
  20. Windylou

    Deck around rectangle Intex Ultra Frame

    We’ve started our deck build(yay, FINALLY!), but my concern is the middle part of the long side still isn’t completely straight. It still has that slight curve right in the middle so I’m concerned with the deck looking off. Not sure if I’m explaining myself correctly, I’ll post pics in a bit...
  21. Windylou

    Diy tanning ledge over Intex Rectangular AGP

    Just looking for expert opinions/advice on this idea I've engineered in my head.... One of my biggest wants is a tanning ledge, but we have an intex, so there's that. I came across this pic of a ledge on an inground pool & it got me to thinking, I can do this. And by I, I mean I can convince...
  22. Windylou

    Is it necessary for everyone to drain below the in/outlets?

    The reason I ask is that I saw a post a week or so ago where a guy was saying this is how your pool should look when opening in the spring & he had posted time stamped pics. What I noticed was that his pool was full. At the time, I was more concerned with something else, so I didn’t comment or...
  23. Windylou

    How often do you run your pump?

    Just wondering how often I should be running the pump? Not sure if I’m doing a little overkill. We turn it on every night around 6pm & it runs until about 6 or 7am. Is this necessary or could we just do like every other night during the week when no one is swimming? It’s a given that it runs all...
  24. Windylou

    AGP Lights

    What lights do you guys have IN your pool? I saw some pretty neat LED strips, but I’m not sure they would put out enough light. Intex also has some that are magnetic that you can put on the pool wall, not sure about their brightness either. We live in East Texas, so there’s no way I’m getting...
  25. Windylou

    Is this ok, or should we make it level???

    In the process of our install, a small piece of the liner in the corner ripped. I immediately came to TFP for help, and decided to proceed with the install. We patched the rip with jb weld, gorilla tape, a piece of liner from my cousins old pool. Seems to be holding up. I finally got in the pool...
  26. Windylou

    Hayward Aquatrol first startup giving errors???

    Today is the first time we’ve been able to use the salt water chlorine generator due to salt levels, etc. So I tested the salt with my strips that came with my my TF100 test kit, it showed we finally had the right amount of salt, come out get the Aquatrol going, it shows my salt level at 2600. I...
  27. Windylou

    Run salt cell or no?

    Ok, I’m just turning on my salt cell today & my salt is still a little low. I’ll have to get more tomorrow. So my question is should I run it tonight or just run the pump? It’s a Hayward aquatrol T5.
  28. Windylou

    Salt Cell won’t attach please help

    My entire pool install has been an utter nightmare. Now we’re trying to put together the $600 salt cell & it won’t allow the adapter thing to screw all the way on. It turns about two times, then won’t go any further. We ordered the Hayward pump & sand filter along with the aquatrol & NONE of it...
  29. Windylou

    Covering Hayward sand filter?

    I was planning to do a setup for my pump, filter & SWG like Cowboy Casey did. (Sorry, I have no idea how to link it to his) The only change I made was where his is an L shape with the top only going over the one side, I did mine like a T, so it would overlap both sides so I could mount our sound...
  30. Windylou

    Should we just stop????

    So this just happened. This is why I didn’t want to start an install thread bc I have the worst luck. I bought the pool over a year ago, so I’m assuming there won’t be any warranty even though we just took it out of the box. I’m a single mom, we’ve had next to no help, now this. Is there...