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  1. jake556

    Forgot to raise FC level for a while after raising CYA

    So with it warming up in AZ I raised my CYA to 50ppm from 30ppm in the winter. I was always maintaining a 3-6 FC all winter no issues. Well I raised my CYA a few weeks ago and forgot to adjust my FC Range (5-8). My pool doesn’t look as crystal clear as it did before what Im wondering is what is...
  2. jake556

    Looking for a new Suction Type Cleaner

    I currently have a Hayward "The Pool Cleaner" the wheels are deteriorating and Im looking at a replacement. I only run my pump at low speed so would be nice to have one that will still move around well at low speed. Any recommendations? Experience with yours? Pro and Cons? Appreciate the...
  3. jake556

    TA test question

    I am using the TF 100 TA test, And Im inbetween calling the results 120 or 130 TA based on color, 130 is a Dark Red pink while 120 is a definite change in color. Not sure it matters much but which would you go with?
  4. jake556

    Forgot to input Alkalinity on pool math app

    So I have been taking care of my pool for a while now, and just barely noticed you input alkalinity on the PH math page whoops. Was wondering why my PH was always a bit high. (8.2) I checked my alkalinity and it was at 150. So I added MA according. Now I know
  5. jake556

    New owner AZ, first water change

    Hello I’m new to pool ownership, I’m intrigued to learn the ideal way to take care of my pool. I was referred to the forum by a buddy at work. Here are some of the specs approx 12,000 Gallon, pebbletec, Hayward C5030, 2EZ Speed Pump, Rainbow 300 Chlorinatior, and I have a TF-100 Test kit. Im...