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  1. kevinp768

    Remove stain from coping

    No concerns on affecting the existing coping coating? For what it’s worth, the pool is only a year old so the coping is practically new.
  2. kevinp768

    Remove stain from coping

    Well this one should be fun. I masked off my white aluminum coping prior to staining my concrete deck, and I guess it didn’t adhere well enough because I now have brown water based stain on my coping. The stain said clean up with soap and water, but that’s not doing it. I then went to magic...
  3. kevinp768

    Looking for Landscaping Suggestions

    i've considered that actually. I would in the rear, but I only have about 5-6 feet of grass on each side of the pool and would like to keep that for the dogs to have some grass there. I wasn't sure what would really look good, i.e. stone edging, raised beds in the rear, decorative grasses vs...
  4. kevinp768

    Looking for Landscaping Suggestions

    I don't mind the heat at all lol i've spent about 3 1/2 years in the middle east, and it has definitely ruined me for the cold! ill take 110 degrees any day!
  5. kevinp768

    Looking for Landscaping Suggestions

    Looking for suggestions on additional landscaping ideas. I currently have 4 large pots around the pool with pampas grass, and the 3 center trellis will have flowering clematis growing eventually. I am in zone 6b (I believe) so cold hardy is essential as it can get to negatives here in the...
  6. Pool Pano.jpeg

    Pool Pano.jpeg

  7. kevinp768

    New build cost Wichita KS area

    I'm in SE Wichita, and just paid about 33k for a 16x32 vinyl pool, 8' deep, approx 650sf of concrete. I installed SWG and deck jets on my own, I also contracted out sprinkler, dirt work, electrical, and sod with other contractors. All in I was about 39k-40k. Paradise Pools is who I used. He was...
  8. kevinp768

    Pump Scare

    I had something similar when installing my Hayward VS pump. I found that the small 5 wire connection from the pump circuit board to the display circuit board had a loose connection. Drove me and the electrician doing the wiring install crazy. We tried a different CB, checked continuity on the...
  9. kevinp768

    Deck Jets

    In theory, if they are on an equalization loop they shouldn't need their own valves as pressure should be the same to each jet. For individual control you would either need home runs for each jet to the return pad, or a valve tee'd off of a supply line near each valve. If you have individual...
  10. Deck Jet Inst.jpg

    Deck Jet Inst.jpg

  11. kevinp768

    Deck Jets

    Without posting a link, the ones I purchased from amazon were titled "4 Pack Swimming Pool Spa Fountain Deck Jet Water Fall Stream Feature ARC Waterfall" So far so good with them, but I don't use them a ton as it can drive up the PH and they can be a little loud. It was mostly just a fun add on...
  12. kevinp768

    Deck Jets

    Some food for thought. My deck on one side is only 4 feet, so I installed my own deck jets outside of the concrete in case I ever had issues with them. Before concrete was poured, I ran my own pvc from the equipment pad to outside the deck area, and then ran the line in its own trench. Once I...
  13. Deck Jets.jpg

    Deck Jets.jpg

  14. kevinp768


    Thank you that's a great point! The trellis has some small Clematis right now but will fill in eventually. The overhead cables are the start to a retractable shade that i'm still working on, but im not sure if it will work out or not. I hadn't thought of growing anything vining on them! That...
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    I've been on here for a while, just finally registered last year, but have been reading articles here for what seems like an eternity. Just wanted to say thank you to all the ridiculously smart people on here! I started my pool construction last October and it was finally completed in May of...
  16. Gold Pebble.jpg

    Gold Pebble.jpg

  17. kevinp768

    Looking for a deeper turquoise (NOT blue) water color. Liner?? HELP??

    I went with Gold Pebble and no border. Water is blue/gray when overcast, and beautiful turquoise in the sun!
  18. Gold Pebble.jpg

    Gold Pebble.jpg

  19. kevinp768

    Testing buried wires??

    Oh it will still work for live wires, it's just not the preferred method. :cool:
  20. kevinp768

    Main drain or no main drain....that is the question

    I'm on the other side of the fence myself. Having received torrential rains this season, I've enjoyed having the ability to lower my pool for significant storms and not worry about overflowing in the middle of the night, regardless of water height at the skimmer. That being said, it does add...
  21. kevinp768

    Finally dried out enough to finish the pool

    I have the same liner with no border! I love the water color in the sunlight, and you still get the nice blue hues as well.
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  23. kevinp768

    Concrete help - driveway drooping and flooded

    Sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine had a driveway that looked similar to yours and he hired a company to come out that specializes in mudjacking. Basically they drilled a bunch of holes through the concrete and injected a mortar underneath to lift the driveway back in place and give it...
  24. kevinp768

    New IG - Salt System or leave only Chlorine?

    Go with the SWCG. I cant imagine not having mine now that its running.
  25. kevinp768

    Backwash plumbing

    I used sch 40 pvc tied into my 4" DWV for my downspouts, terminating to a pop up emitter at the rear of my yard. I have clay soil and didn't want any extra moisture in my yard that I don't put there.
  26. kevinp768

    Potential problem with new pool build...

    That looks to be a small area for a functional swale. Depending on rain amounts, it could either be a good place for a French drain, or you could do a channel drain butted up to the concrete, which would also catch any splashout from the pool as well. People more experienced than me may be...
  27. kevinp768

    [Edit - resolved] - Skimmer cut-outs too big?

    This may be a stupid question, but is there another skimmer brand that would fit the hole you have in the polymer wall? or could you make some type of insert for the larger opening that would accept the 1085 skimmer?
  28. kevinp768

    Your build: What would you do differently?

    I just think the stone or concrete coping looks a little more "finished". Just personal opinion I suppose, not that there is anything functionally wrong with the aluminum at all. Also, my carpet pads shifted over the winter and the winter safety cover straps wore the finish off the aluminum so I...
  29. kevinp768

    Your build: What would you do differently?

    Things I wish I did I did: Either cantilevered concrete or stone coping (stuck with white aluminum) 18x32 instead of 16x32 Umbrella sleeves in deck Things I'm glad I did: Pool builder let me do some work to save money 4" Downspout drain plumbing under deck to rear of yard, and backwash line...
  30. kevinp768

    Stamped Concrete Overlay/Other Ideas on RBB Exterior

    A stone façade would definitely be doable, but challenging for sure. I know some of the composite decking material is bendable and likely a cheaper alternative to tile or stone so that could be an option as well (Picture is from google, not my deck)