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  1. JasonLion

    E-mail on private messages got turned off???

    Something turned off e-mail notifications when I get private messages, and I had to go in and manually turn it back on. This is the third user setting that has been changed out from under me, which is getting kind of annoying.
  2. JasonLion

    30 seconds between posts?

    The 30 seconds between posts rule has been slowing me down recently. 25 seconds would be much nicer.
  3. JasonLion

    The new input editing box is mildly annoying

    The more I use it, the more I am bothered by the new reply editing field. Every time I cut and paste something from somewhere else it changes some combination of the font size, font face, and font color in arbitrary ways that are difficult to undo.
  4. JasonLion

    Stepping down as site admin and moderator

    I am stepping down as site admin and as a moderator. After more than six years as the site admin, and a couple more before that as a moderator, it is time for me to move on. Aside from my bright red Site Admin badge changing to a light blue TFP Expert badge, you shouldn't see any changes in the...
  5. JasonLion

    The forum is acting up today

    The forum software has been acting up today (and a little bit yesterday). I am aware of the problem and I am looking into it. For the moment the slideshow on the home page is disabled. I hope to have it restored shortly. Hopefully this whole issue will be straightened out soon.
  6. JasonLion

    Borates - Why and How

    Borates - Why and How Why Adding borates can improve your experience with your pool, but is completely optional. If you do plan to use borates, wait until everything else is settled down before adding borates, especially TA and PH. The only situations where we specifically recommend using...
  7. JasonLion

    Tapatalk just updated

    I just updated to the most recent version of the Tapatalk forum support plugin. This shouldn't cause any issues. However, I don't use Tapatalk myself, so I can't check to make sure it is working. If you use Tapatalk to access the forum, could you please confirm that Tapatalk is still working...
  8. JasonLion

    Does the AquaRite compensate for salt level

    Do the AquaRite, and other Hayward SWGs, compensate for the salt level, so they always produce about the same amount of chlorine? The voltage reported by the diagnostic display does change in different circumstances, but is that because they are using a constant current power supply (as...
  9. JasonLion

    New contenders for most efficient pump this year

    Three new variable speed pumps do really well on the California Energy Commission efficiency ratings results this year, but it is difficult to know how to compare the results to existing pumps. The new pumps are the Hayward TriStar VS (which I can't find for sale and is kind of hidden at their...
  10. JasonLion

    CircuPool Si series similar to AquaRite?

    Looking at the CircuPool Si series I notice several similarities to the AquaRite series. They aren't exact matches, for example the status lights are in a different position, but many many things are remarkably similar, including the diagnostic display sequence. I'm starting to wonder if the...