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  1. CJadamec

    AGP Depth - 54" vs 48"

    I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say cutting any of the joining straps or modifications to the pressure plate in a butress free oval pool is a bad idea. Maybe I've been working with cranes to long but doing something like that just screams liability issues.
  2. CJadamec

    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    The gas turbine at the power plant I used to work at could have that pool heated in no time. The exhaust boiler was capable of 35,000 lbs of saturated 125psi steam an hour. Granted it was a 10,000 up turbine and the exhaust came out at 1400F. I don't think you would like the gas bill.
  3. CJadamec

    Back Fill?

    I would back fill with sand.
  4. CJadamec

    AGP Depth - 54" vs 48"

    Also if you want to dish out the center an oval pool more than likely won't work. Most oval pools have ties that run under the pool to join the two long walls.
  5. CJadamec

    AGP Depth - 54" vs 48"

    With above ground pools you need to look closely at wall height and actual water depth. With a 54" wall you will get around 48-50" of water. You can't bring the water all the way to the top of the wall and the wall height is measured to the top of the rail. I would always say get the deeper...
  6. CJadamec

    Water truck filled last night now raining NOW WHAT!

    Some acid will bring the pH down, your pool is going to be slow to change in pH with a TA that high. As was mention dichlor will take a long to time to dissolve and add CYA to the water. I would just use regular CYA and liquid chlorine to add what you need. 4lbs of CYA is only about 12 bucks...
  7. CJadamec

    Water truck filled last night now raining NOW WHAT!

    Is your pump hooked up and operational? If its not you have some brushing to do. Assume CYA is zero and add the proper amount to get your pool to 30ppm (about 4lbs of granules). Trucked in water is never going to have CYA in it. Add chlorine to the pool and use the 30ppm CYA target value for...
  8. CJadamec

    Need Advice - Can a DIYer remove a Heat Pump?

    Those look like standard off the shelf unions.
  9. CJadamec

    Need Advice - Can a DIYer remove a Heat Pump?

    Cut the PVC leaving the entire union in place. If you take that front plastic cover off the heater you will probably have better access to the PVC to make a clean cut. Glue a cap on each stub open the bypass and have a good swimming season. Make sure the breaker is off and undo the electrical...
  10. CJadamec

    Urgent- Heat pump choice: Hayward vs AquaCal

    Heat pumps are all fairly similar in construction. If it were me for close to even money I would go with AquaCal over Hayward. The AqualCal heat pump has a full 1 point greater COP than the Hayward. That is a huge difference in efficiency of the unit. Or in more plain terms The AquaCal uses...
  11. CJadamec

    Too many Pentair pump choices, help!

    The i1 and the i2 are modified for special applications where the standard VS pump options won't work. They are not really for everyday pools. The i1 and i2 are for people who need the flow dynamics of a superflo pump but want the motor and automation control of the intelliflo series. The "I"...
  12. CJadamec

    Hotspot FPH Help

    The FPH hotspot IS an electric heat pump. A heat pump and a central A/C unit are basically the same thing.
  13. CJadamec

    AG Pool Pump Advice

    A 2hp superflo pump even on low is huge for your pool. Return the 2hp pump if you can and exchange it for 3/4 or 1 HP two speed model. Or the superflo VS.
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    Which variable-speed pump for lots of head?

    At the end of the day once the pump is running and primed there is effectively 0 suction losses. Suction loss only occurs when the water isn't returning to where it was pulled from. Gravity cancels out. As for everything else head loss is dynamic and relies on both pipe restriction and the...
  15. CJadamec

    Need new sand filter and pump recommendation

    The more sand you have the larger the filter is. That's really all there is to a sand filter. In this case the Hayward has significantly more sand volume and therefore significantly greater filtering surface area. I agree that the 1hp 2-speed pump is plenty of pump for your pool or one of the...
  16. CJadamec

    What steps to take?

    If I plan on adding chlorine I use the fas/dpd test to get an accurate idea of how much I need, about 2-3 times a week. If I'm just going out to check and make sure the levels are where they should be I use the OTO. I only spot check levels if there has been a lot of rain or the pool has been...
  17. CJadamec

    My first and last pool Install

    Very nicely done. The crusher run base is the right way to go with how you installed the pool. The people who set up my pool for me had the same feelings about setting the blocks and pressure plates. They had to use a pick axe because I had compacted it until it was like concrete. I totally...
  18. CJadamec

    Soon to Be New Owner - Want to Raise Efficiency of Pool Pump

    Nope forget what your current motor is rated for. The intelliflo pump is a direct drop in replacement for any whisperflo pump. The pump is a little bit more expensive than some other options but you will break even at the end of the day because there shouldn't be any need to change the...
  19. CJadamec

    Which variable-speed pump for lots of head?

    Forget all the calculations about pipe length and all that nonsense. You have a working system and you have a pressure gauge. 1psi on the filter = 2.3 ft of head on the pump its that simple. If you want to go with a VS pump the intelliflo or similar 3 HP VS pump from other major brands would...
  20. CJadamec

    Intelliflo vs or Superflo vs

    If you have or want automation then the intelliflo is a good choice. If you have a simple system and no automation other than simple timers the superflo is the way to go.
  21. CJadamec

    Heat Pump

    I would always suggest a VS or 2 speed pump to replace a high hp single speed pump. The bypass might not be opening if there is less than a 5 psi pressure drop through the heater.
  22. CJadamec

    Busted line on heat pump bent coil assembly

    If and that's a big if you can find an a/c tech to fix it you will be over half the cost of new. I would replace the unit. If that system has had that hole in it for a long time the compressor is probably toast from moisture and corrosion. It's not worth the risk to repair. Also high side...
  23. CJadamec

    Heat Pump

    It's not a pressure problem it's a water flow problem. Your heat pump is rated for a Max of 70gpm. At 12 psi of system backpressure your pump is moving over 100gpm, I think it's close to 120gpm. You are wearing out the heat exchanger with excessive water flow. You need a heater bypass loop...
  24. CJadamec

    How many amps do I need

    #4 aluminum should be ok for 40amps intermittent and 30 amps continuous at 300 feet. It is roughly half the price of a #6 copper run. If you bring the pump closer to the building to around a 200 foot wire run you could handle closer to 50-60amps intermittent and 40 amps continuous on #4...
  25. CJadamec

    How many amps do I need

    I'm with Richard on this one. If you are running power it's easy enough to run more than you need now than trying to redo it later. As was mentioned the proper way to do it that meets code is a 4 wire THHN/W run in conduit. For ease of use and keeping further additions clean a small subpanel is...
  26. CJadamec

    New Decking

  27. CJadamec

    I've spent hours reading through posts on this forum, how did I miss

    My pool installer warned me to treat for ants regularly around the pool. He said 90% of his liner changes were from ant damage. The area under and around the pool is ideal ant habitat. Ants love to live in Sandy soil under heavy things that animals that want to eat them can't get under...
  28. CJadamec

    New Decking

    I've done a lot of rehab work in old and neglected homes. I can't even imagine trying to recover a house that was left in that condition. At that point it might have been easier to let all the dead cats and dirty litter go up in flames and start over again.....
  29. CJadamec

    New Decking

    It's looking better by the day. Nothing like the endless trips to Home Depot where you say to yourself this is going to be the last one I have everything I could possibly need. You gotta get that young'n out there with you and the power tools.
  30. CJadamec

    Solar cover question

    What damages the cover is exposure to UV light from the sun. The chlorine in your pool is not all that harmful to the cover. Solar covers are made of the same material that the bottle of chlorine is made of.