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  1. ladman

    Anyone run a solar pool pump?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Parallel with check valves sounds like the right path. Not sure what/if regarding the long term payoff. Figure 300 watts @ 8hrs a day for the VS pump, and then the salt water generator (unknown, 40-100watts?), but it will be a nice little project to keep me busy.
  2. ladman

    Anyone run a solar pool pump?

    Taking a look at this unit, reviews are OK. With my 20k pool, with filter, and salt water system, this pump claims 136GPM, and I was thinking of installing this in series with my existing variable speed pump for those overcast days. Any thoughts? I easily have room for 8x250w panels...
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  4. ladman

    Fiberglass Heater Cover (Top)

    The top of my heater has aged to the point I cannot touch it without getting a lot of thorny fibers imbedded in my skin. Heater is fine. Curious what others have done to remedy this. I am thinking of sanding it lightly (with mask) and spray high temp engine paint - grey. Thoughts? Thank you for...
  5. ladman

    Can someone identify this diving board

    Hello, I noticed a few small cracks on the board and for peace of mind wanted to replace this. I would appreciate if someone could assist identifying it.Are boards drop in or do they require drilling and fitting? Thank you.
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  7. ladman

    Kill the Frog? And t-cell placement?

    I just picked up the Hayward 40k setup since it was on sale for $1099. As you can see in the pics, my setup plumbing is a little tight and would be installed on the pool outlet only, before the Frog mineral cycler. Before cutting and gluing, I wanted to get some input...
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  12. ladman

    What is the difference between the Hayward W3AQ and GLX-CTL-RITE?

    For what its worth, the W3AQR15 40k system is on sale for $1099, about $300 off, on Amazon. Just bought one. Now I need to determine how much salt to purchase.
  13. ladman

    Buying a Dolphin M600 today... any comparisons to Nautilus CC Supreme?

    Any recommendation on the 'best' robotic pool cleaner? I seen so many options, and have looked at several YT videos. I do have a GFCI outlet not too far from the pool. App support would be nice, but more important would be effectiveness. Budget of under $1k would be great but willing to stretch...
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  15. ladman

    Pool coping chipping, can I seal it?

    I recently purchased a home with a nice-to me-pool. Only mechanical issues at this time are the spa actuators only work manualy (switches) and temperature sensor (ERR), which I have ordered. However, the paver coping appears to chip fairly easily, some of which are very sharp, and I am afraid...
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  18. ladman

    Internal leak?

    After adding a skimmer the pool started to leak. Even on hot days we see water on the ground in one area which is opposite the skimmer. Never prior. Yet I see no obvious signs of leaking anywhere. Im going to try the dye leak detection however I am curious, is there such a thing as leaking...
  19. ladman

    Intex 2100 sand filter leak when off

    Thanks, I played with it a bit more, moving the lever into several positions hoping to seat any seals or o=rings internally. So far it has been several days and no leak. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  20. ladman

    Intex 2100 sand filter leak when off

    System is up and working great though I still need to run water test. I have my sand filter on the timer function as well as the salt water setup. I noticed when the pump is off the sand filter leaks from the top where the selector lever is (large hand lever for filter, backwashng, etc..)...
  21. ladman

    Pool Floor Cleaner advice please

    18*52" Intex with SandFilter and Salt setup. Also a Hayward standard skimmer. Looking for something that will keep the floor clean. I see the Sharkvacs but $550 is double what I prefer to spend. I do like the contained filtration and ease of use. Any recommendations from the veterans? Thanks
  22. ladman

    New Intex pool build soon, concrete pad expansion joints and best tarp

    Trying to see if our new Intex 18x52 will last longer this year vs the Coleman last year which leaked within weeks and a bad pump a few months later. I plan on putting this pool up within a few days and on the concrete pad (9 years old and solid) there are the usual expansion joints in the...
  23. ladman

    Coleman vs. Intex?

    Bought a Coleman 16 x48 last year. It started leaking after 2 week. Never found the leak. Coleman wanted me to cut out the drain with the serial and send it to them for a replacement. I left it as is topping the pool off weekly. 3 months later, the pump went out. We decided to thrash it after...