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  1. TheMerk

    Upgrading Pump Motor - New Impeller & Diffuser Too?

    Should I upgrade the impeller and diffuser if upgrading my 1.0 HP pump‘s motor to a 1.65 HP VSP motor? If the answer is yes, I believe I need to go with a 1.5 HP impeller and diffuser, right? My pump is a Sta-rite MPRA6E-147L. According to this manual, my impeller’s part no. is C105-236PB and...
  2. TheMerk

    Ordered VS, can I trust the retailer?

    I ordered a VS pump last night. I had spent the last week researching pumps and prices and settled on the Waterway Power Defender 165. Looking around at various retailers, I saw a guy on eBay with good reviews at the low end pricewise, a well respected site that I have ordered from before on...
  3. TheMerk

    Nautilus CC Tread keeps falling off

    I replaced the treads last fall thinking that would solve the issue, but the tread on one side keeps falling off. Not every cleaning cycle, but certainly 1 out of every 5 on average. Is there any adjustment time be made to the rollers to make the tread “pulley” more tight?
  4. TheMerk

    Need Hayward Filter Identification

    Helping my FIL get the pool at his new house in line. Anyone know the model of this Hayward cartridge filter?
  5. TheMerk

    Pic of bottom of S200 series cleaner

    Can someone post a pic of the bottom of an S200 series cleaner? I have a Nautilus CC and the little doors on the bottom get filled with needles. It's a PIA to remove the doors and pull out all the needles with my big sausage fingers.
  6. TheMerk

    Cleaned Dolphin Robot, Fingers Got Dyed?

    Cleaned out the Dolphin Nautilus CC as I do most mornings. As I was hosing out the filter basket I noticed that my fingers had some brownish dye on them now. Any clue what caused this?
  7. TheMerk

    Like my current cleaner, thinking of an upgrade

    My current cleaner is fine. One rolling brush. Gets the job done. Would something like the M500 be an appreciable upgrade?
  8. TheMerk

    Wiring SWG via a junction box

    Is it kosher to install a weatherproof junction box between the timer and my pump and SWG? I ask because a lot of the tutorials I read say to pull another wire from the timer, but for some reason our timer is all the way around on the other side of the house. This article from Inyo says that...
  9. TheMerk

    AquaChek Test Strip Sanity Check

    About to install a SWCG. I’ve been using 10% chlorine and muriatic acid exclusively since discovering TFP last year. I just tested the water to see where my salt levels are, and the peak of the yellow is 6.6 which translates to 3770 ppm. Does this sound possible? FC 6 CC 0 Ph 7.4 TA 80 CSI...
  10. TheMerk

    Phoenix CYA Levels

    I battled with 100+ CYA last summer, and finally got it down to 50 at pool opening this year. Question is, since I'm in the Valley of the Sun, should I be at 50 or raise it a bit to 60? I'm taking FC up to 8.0 each evening, losing 2.5 FC each day. Last night's test results: FC 5.5 CC 0 pH...
  11. TheMerk

    A TFP Success Story

    Moved into this house 1/2017. First time pool owner and didn’t know any better, so we used tabs and a floater for most of last summer. Then I stumbled across TFP. As of yesterday our CYA is finally down to 50 from the 100 it was last summer. I guess all those times I vacuumed to waste finally...
  12. TheMerk

    Mystery pipe and returns

    Hi all, Bought the house in 1/2017. First time pool owner, stumbled upon TFP about halfway through last summer, threw out the tabs and I've been following the methodology ever since with great results: Anyway, now that the pool chemistry is in line and I have a routine, I'm taking a look at...