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  1. malazarock

    Stained skin

    Not sure this is the correct area to post this. Appears I am leaking one of the chemicals on my skin when testing the water. I don’t realize it at the time until I see my skin stained brown. Any ideas of how to remove this and if it’s harmful? 🤷‍♀️
  2. malazarock

    App Issue

    Hi! I’ve been using the app for a while now and my subscription is active and was renewed in February 2021. But every time I use the app it keeps requiring me to subscribe. I attached a picture, is there a way to resolve this?
  3. malazarock

    Intermatic 104R - Losing Time

    Hi Guys - looking for some help with the timer that is hooked up to my SWG. I've noticed every couple days I need to adjust/correct the time. The timer is only 3 years old, could it be going bad already? Who would fix something like this, an electrician? I have been able to do a lot of things...
  4. malazarock

    Replace Flow or New SWG

    Hi All - question; the flow light has been red for a few weeks, so I purchased a new flow switch. Before replacing it, I did the test by cutting the wire and twisting the red and black wires together. Turned the cell back on and the light remained red. From what I understand, that means the cell...
  5. malazarock

    What is this?

    Hi All - noticed this white hard stuff forming in the grout lines in the coping around the pool. The picture attached is the worst one. Any suggestions for cleaning this up? I was tempted to start scraping with a putty knife or something, but didn’t want to do any damage. Thanks for all you do!
  6. malazarock

    SWG readings

    Hi - looking to understand why the red light on my SWG is on. When testing the water it shows 3200, but the SWG shows low salt? I’ve seen comments in other posts about the thermistor going bad. The SWG is only 2 yrs old. Is there anything else I should be doing? thanks!!
  7. malazarock

    Test Results

    Hi! Wanted to get your thoughts on my test results. I believe I am sharing so hopefully you can see my logs. Salt is below 3200 target, and CSI is a little off. How critical is it to maintain CYA during the colder FL months? Love this forum and appreciate all of you!!
  8. malazarock

    Sense Check Test Results

    First off let me just say I love the new app!! Nice job! I wanted to confirm I am approaching correctly. And that I have the correct targets. I seem to be adding around 24oz of acid every 3-4 days. Does that sound right? Thanks for all you do!
  9. malazarock

    New Pool Owner - Fired My Pool Service Company

    Hello Pool Experts! Hoping you can help me out. We had our pool put in last year in Nov and have had a pool company coming out to service. Not happy at all with their service and most recently had an issue they could not resolve. So I am trying to learn this so I can take care of the pool...