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  1. Tenamarie123

    Slightly cloudy pool

    Our salt water pool has been looking a little cloudy as of late and I just cannot figure out are our readings using TF-100 FC 3 PH 7.5 TA 170 CH 175 CYA 35 What do you think could be causing it? TA is a little high but do you think that would cause cloudiness?
  2. Tenamarie123

    Should I fire my PB? Help!

    Please bear with me as this is a long, sordid tale. We signed our contract end of June for an inground vinyl liner pool (14’ x 36’ rectangle w/sun shelf and bubblers). Our dig started Friday, September 15th. They came back that Monday, finished the dig and put up the steel walls and concrete...
  3. Tenamarie123

    Just getting started in Michigan

    Hi everyone at TFP :handwave:! So glad I happened upon this site BEFORE our build. I have learned a LOT so far. Still have a ton to learn (water testing, etc). We had an AGP that collapsed on us a few years ago and have been waiting to get a new pool since then. This time around we’ve...
  4. Tenamarie123

    Photobucket pics not showing up?

    Why can't I see any pics posted here through Photobucket? I'm a member over there but still can't see pics?