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    PH Difference

    I bought an Apera PH 60 to test the PH of my pool water. Supposed to be accurate to the hundredths. I am not sure why I bought it as I have been successful managing my pool water with the Taylor surecheck (the small comparator). I think I just wanted a new toy! Now that I have used it...
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    PH Test Question

    I took a PH reading today and the first picture is when I first shook it up. It looks like about 7.2. I got distracted and when I came back the color had turned much pinker and it looked to be 7.8-8.0. I was gone only a few seconds. Is this normal? I never noticed this before. I expected the PH...
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    Ohio Pool Opening

    I opened my pool yesterday to this! I did cheat a little. A few days before I opened the corner of my cover and dropped in the robot to vacuum. Thanks TFP!
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    Auto cover and FC loss

    Usually I open my auto cover for at least 4 hours per day. But over the last two days due to me just not getting around to it it was not open and no one swam. Check out these numbers. On Tuesday July 21 at 5:00pm my FC was 6.5. I had the SWG running at 50%. I did not lower it which I usually do...
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    Hayward replacement cartridges

    Is a member here associated with inyopools? I was looking to order a set of replacement cartridges and I was on their website and couldn’t find a replacement for mine which are which are C-580-E. Maybe he can help me out. My cartridges are still good but as I was cleaning them I thought...
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    Most efficient use of heater

    I heated my pool to 84 degrees so the grandkids could swim yesterday. I even went in with them. The high hit 75. ? The next 10 days call for highs in the low 50’s and lows in the 40’s and 30’s, with one night’s low of 28! Ouch! No one will be swimming. Am I better off keeping the heater at 84...
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    Calcium Hardness Vinyl Pool with Heater

    I posted this in the everything else thread, but didn't get a response. Figured all of the chemical experts hang out here. My CH has been consistent in the 100-125 range for 2 years now. (Sometimes I get 4 drops until the color change, sometimes 5). I am having heater issues and I dug up my...
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    Exhaust smell from Heater

    When my Hayward heater is burning, I notice an exhaust smell. Kind of hard to describe, but it has a strong smell of burning gas. Kind of like when your gas oven first ignites you can smell the burning gas, then it goes away. However, this exhaust smell does not go away. It does not smell...
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    Does Polyquat 60 raise PH?

    In preparation for closing, I took my FC to slam level, passed the OCLT on Tuesday night into Wednesday, and let my FC drift down. Before the SLAM, my PH was 7.5. I forgot to lower it to 7.2 before the SLAM. This morning, when my FC measured 9.5, I measured the PH and it was 8.2 and maybe...
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    Algaecide at closing

    Started thinking about closing my pool?Won’t close until first week in October. I have been following TFP for a year but have two bottles of this stuff left over from old pool store days. Can I use this at closing instead of buying Polyquat 60?
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    Vinyl liner indentations

    Over the past week, my liner has developed small indentations. This is mostly in the shallow end, and not all over the pool. The picture attached shows the smooth section of liner and the indentations. This picture was taken at night with the pool light on. These indentations are not visible...
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    Copper and iron testing

    Does anyone recommend the Taylor K 1264 for copper and iron testing? It is expensive. I have no reason to believe I have a problem. The water is Chrystal clear. (Posted a few pics. The picture of the dolphin was taken at night with the pool light on)But I do like testing my own water and have...
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    Adding CYA

    I am currently adding two pounds of CYA via the sock method in the skimmer. Is it safe to swim while the CYA is dissolving? Also it is suggested to give the sock a squeeze once in a while. Should I wear gloves or is it safe to touch? How long should it take to dissolve? Thanks!
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    Question on managing FC

    Here are my numbers: FC 8 CC 0 PH 7.5 TA 110 CH 100 Salt 3200 CYA 40-50 (I have two kits. The Taylor K2006 and the TF 100. With the TF 100 I get 40 with the Tayor I get 50. The technique I use is to fill to a mark, glance, and then fill to the next mark until I can't see the...
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    Another Auto Cover Question

    Yesterday was a terrible day for weather in our area. 5 inches of rain in 5 hours. As a matter of fact, our little town of Canfield, OH flooded yesterday as streams broke over their banks. Lots of damage in the area. I have an auto cover, and watched as my cover filled with water very...
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    Powerwash auto cover

    I have a Coverstar auto cover that after 2 years was looking pretty dirty. I decided to power wash it. I opened it then closed it in 3-4 foot increments. I would put the cover pump on one side to drain the water and power wash. The cover looks great. But then I think I read in a forum thread...
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    CYA question

    Here are my latest test results. The water is chrystal clear. FC 9 CC .5 PH 7.6 TA 120 CH 125 CYA 50 Salt 2900 Temp 84 CSI -.35 I opened the pool two weeks ago and it has not gotten much use due to the weather. The FC is a bit high, but I am barely running my SWG, it is shut down...
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    Added Dichlor

    I had a company open my pool yesterday. Not sure exactly what chemicals they put in, but I am sure they threw some shock in the pool. The water is clear and blue. Here are my tests from this morning: FC 4 CC 1 TA 120 CH 125 PH 8 CYA 50-60 (I filled to 50 and could still see the dot. I...
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    Testing Margin of Error

    Around here it has been rainy, cloudy and cool for the past 4-5 days. With the kids back in school and the weather, the pool has not gotten any use and I have mostly left my cover on. With the SWG, my FC has drifted up. I tested on Wednesday, 09/12/18 at 5:30pm and FC was 12.5. I opened the...
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    SWG balance question

    After an algae outbreak which I cleared up using a SLAM and all of the advice on this site (I haven't been to the pool store since), about a month ago I had a SWG installed. Here are my numbers: FC 8.5 CC 0 PH 7.8 TA 110 CH 125 CYA 50 Salt 3900 (recommended level 3200 cell is generating) Temp...
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    Cloudy Water

    Here is my situation. The pool was open for August and September last year, and this year. Last year all was good. This year, this is the second time I have had cloudy water. It is blue, no sign of algae, just cloudy. About two weeks ago,when the water was first cloudy, I took my sample to...
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    New Pool Owner

    Hello. This is my first full season with my pool. Last year, it was just completed and open in August and September. Paid the installer an arm and a leg weekly to do pool maintenance, so this year I am learning a lot and doing it. Started with the local pool store testing my water. They use...