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    Acid wash

    1. Pool was put in around 90s. 2. The surface looks solid but I do need to install anti-vortex drain covers(Recommended by the pool inspection at the time of sale), there is a stain on the pool, that I would like to get removed 3. Calcium streaks and also there is some brown stains around the...
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    Acid wash

    Apologies. Just updated my signature. The profile section does not have an option to choose Pebble Tech CYA = Above 100 PH = 7.1 FC = 2 TA = 90 It is around the waterline of both SPA and Pool. We just moved into this house so we have not done anything else.
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    Acid wash

    Hello , I am planning to drain my pool and wanted to acid wash as I noticed a black - green line around the rim. I have read that acid wash takes years out of your pool. Should I acid wash the pool? Thank you
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    Pool Vaccum

    Thank you Jim!! Unfortunately, my pool is not as close to the pump. I will go through that Pool Cleaner Forum. Really appreciate your help.
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    Pool Vaccum

    Does anyone have used these? Are there any reviews or recommendations on these? I talked to one of the pool guys I know and he said they do not clean up good as they should. Where and what I can read to get more insight into this before making a purchase?
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    Pool Vaccum

    Haha... i just talked to her..whatta sweet lady.. I am going for it.. She is going to ship it at no charge..even better.. this is great...
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    Pool Vaccum

    I am going to get this. Any recommendation on which one should I get? Amazon has some good ones, but I am new to this machine? @Jimrahbe , I am in Arizona, not sure if they will ship me one
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    Pool Vaccum

    Wow..guys.. this is like amazing.. you guys just saved me thousands of dollars..I was going to refurbish the pool. drill a hole to put a vaccum line so I can install a vaccum... but with this all I need to do is service my inground cleaning system and buy this.. wow .. wow..I am amazed.. how...
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    Pool Vaccum

    Yea maybe I was not clear, the hole I am planning to drill is for installing a robot vacuum.
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    Pool Vaccum

    Hello everyone, I have an inground filter system for the pool and the jacuzzi. I am having doubts if this filteration system is good as a vaccum. I am debating if I should install a vaccum. if I do drill a hole for the vaccum, will I need to refurbish the whole pool?
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    New House old pump and filter

    Thank you fellas. I will get back to you soon on what I learned from your notes and the current system how it works. I may have moe question. @mknauss , what you mean by some of those systems work well, most do not? Also, I am debating if I replace the sand filter to cartridge, just because...
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    New House old pump and filter

    More pictures. So my questions again: 1. Why do I have 2 timers and why the timers have 2 ons and 2 offs trippers? 2. How do they work? 3. Does my spa has any relation with the pool filters or these timers?
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    New House old pump and filter

    The corner unit which is square shaped is the spa unit. My signature is for my previous home. I am still trying to figure out what’s my current system and how it works in the new home. Apologies for the confusion.
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    New House old pump and filter

    1. The dark colored instrument is for the spa 2. We do not have a vac but the pool has these small circular type instruments that come up and go down. More pictures to come and responses to your questions
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    New House old pump and filter

    Dirk, thanks but I lost you. Pictures attached. My signature will be updated once I figure out what kind of pump is this and the rest.
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    pool pump pad 1.jpg

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    pool pump 3.jpg

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    New House old pump and filter

    Hi there, We just a bought a house and I am trying to get familiar with the pool system. The first thing I need to tackle is the pool pump and the filter timing. I am attaching a picture of the box and would like to know what are there functions. In my current pool, I do not have multiple...
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    Pool Pump.jpg

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    Pool after a thunderstorm

    Wanted to close the loop on this. After using the SLAM process, the cloudiness did not go. I ended up cleaning my filters and that was the trick. The pool was back to what it was. Not really sure if the gauge on the filter is providing accurate reading. Thanks for all your help
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    Pool after a thunderstorm

    CH has been low since I re-filled the pool, it could be because of the soft water. I will check the numbers and get back to this thread