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    Spots on Plaster

    Okay, that puts me at ease. I initially was thinking rebar or tie wire was rusting through already and I was about to lose my mind. Now, as Z asked, how do we get rid of them?
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    Spots on Plaster

    Do these spots look like rust stains? This is day 3 of water and noticed these today. They don't seem to want to brush away. Gunite shell sat for 6 months and had standing water in the bottom several times with no signs of rust and now this pops up after I plaster. Plaster start up guy came...
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    Damp spots on spa negative wall

    Still damp looking but not maybe not as bad. Going to buy some test plugs and air up the spa return and blower lines.
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    Damp spots on spa negative wall

    Fittings were prepped, at this point and think it is up for debate if it was prepped well. It was waterproofed around the spa pipe stub outs as they are shown in the third pic. The plaster guy put the fittings on the morning of the plaster and filled the remainder of the opening with plaster...
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    Damp spots on spa negative wall

    This morning brought severe thunderstorms so unable to check it. I did have a look at about 3am this morning when checking on the pool fill and took another pic. I also found some pic's of the gunite job around the pipes. These are the areas that had the loose gunite removed and repaired with...
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    Damp spots on spa negative wall

    Pool and hot tub was plastered on Sunday (after the rain passed). Finished filling it the same night. Went out to check on things this evening and noticed the negative wall of the raised spa had several damp spots. The negative wall still needs to be finished as I have yet to install the...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Wiring

    Good question on the pump. I originally had ordered Pentair model # 011018 but shortly after ordering the store called and said that was last years model and they were going to provide this years model. I was going on the original invoice info. When I get home I will check out the actual pump...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Wiring

    Bellow is a list of the equipment. Everything will be wired for 120v. controller = Pentair - Easy Touch 8 chlorinator = Pentair IC40 main pump = Pentair - Intelliflo 3hp - VSP feature pump = Pentair - Superflo 1hp heater = Pentair - Mastertemp 400k BTU NG transformer 1 = Pentair - 300W (pool...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Wiring

    Seeing if the Monday morning crowd has any answers for me
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    French Patter Dilema (am I being dramatic?)

    I wouldn't consider that a French pattern at all. That is just some random pattern. A French pattern never has 4 corners touching. It depends if you like it or not. If you don't, pull it up and have it redone so you aren't reminded of it every time you go out side. Here is a couple of pics...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Wiring

    Starting wiring up the panel and wanted to make sure I am headed in the right direction. Filter Pump Relay Line1 = breaker 1 - 20A Load1 = chlorinator Line2 = breaker 2 - 20A Load2 = main pump Question1: Am I correct in wiring both sides of the relay with their own power? Or will line 1...
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    Looking for a PB Recommendation - Ft. Worth - Please PM

    I suggest contacting as many pool builders as possible. When I started my planning phase I emailed/called 8, got reply's and further correspond with 4, and then only ended up with 2 quotes.
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    DFW... yes another one.

    I would hate to cut down that tree myself but it may be a lost cause with the pool so close. Your tree guy should know to limit any construction within the drip line. Some other thoughts, Oncor charged me $1500 to pull the wire on my re-route in the conduit that I laid. I know you have a...
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    Anyone know where to find Rain Cloud marble pavers other than NJ?

    You can try these guys. They have a showroom in Dallas and a warehouse in Houston where there material comes off the boat. While not listed on their website, they had 2 or 3 types of sandblasted marble pavers on the floor in Dallas. We bought our travertine from them and they have been good...
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    Concrete coping- expectations too high?

    Looks like they broomed it too early. You should be able to knock down those fins with a wet block and some elbow grease. This can usually be found in the tile section at HD: QEP Tile Sanding and Rubbing Stone with Dual Grit Surfaces-10022Q - The Home Depot Test in a small area first to make...
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    Rough coping cutting and scraping everyone (pic)

    If you mean that is more work than you want to do then you want absolutely nothing to do with trying to grind it down. It is not sanding, sand paper is not going to put a scratch in that concrete, it is grinding. A couple hours of grinding/polishing concrete is enough to wear anybody out. I...
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    Looks good. With this heat, get to watering asap before you start getting small shrinkage cracks on the pool floor As I was about $2k over budget, you can just cut me a check for the difference and we will call it a wash!
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    Cheapest place to buy __________

    Paver prices vary depending on the material (concrete, travertine, etc) and where you buy. Research local suppliers and avoid HD or Lowes on these. I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of travertine paver material (starting at $3.50/sf). When comparing to concrete you have to keep in mind...
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    Gravel backfill - Check my math please

    Using the info provided above, I calculate 49cy in both cases. I have always used a conversion factor of 1.5 tons/cy for 57stone so that would equate to 74tons + 5-10% waste/compaction (although 57stone does not compact much as there are no fines). Call your local quarry and ask what they use...