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    Removing the weir

    Hi, We are going on vacation and I want to leave the pump running, but don’t want to risk the slimmer basket filling with leaves and the motor burning out. Can you remove the weir and leave the pump running? Does that impact the system (other than stop the skimming of leaves?) thanks
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    Skimmers and water levels

    Hi, Is there anything I can do to improve the performance of my skimmer? I have a floating weir skimmer and it struggles to pull in leaves when the water is at the height my pool guy recommended to keep it. I guess I can lower the water level (in the past when the water level has been lower it...
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    Salt Cell keeps losing power (I think)

    We just opened our pool and I replaced the salt cell - I bought a cheaper brand from Amazon to try out. When we started the pump it seemed to be working, but within a minute or so, I here a quiet click and the 'inspect cell' light comes on and the salt cell stops working (it has a clear case so...
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    Salt Pool - no Chlorine generation

    Hi, I have a salt cell pool - I'm not generating chlorine, so I'm shortly going to clean my salt cell (or replace it - it's over 5 years old), the main issue I have is that I've ruptured my Achillies Tendon, so am only just starting to be able to get down the stairs to do this.......... In...
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    Aqua Rite salt generator - no power light

    Hi, Here's my situation: We opened the pool two weeks ago and had some filter issues which required the filter tank and filter to be replaced. The pool is now clean and I was ready to add salt. I only had 2 40lb bags, so I added those recognizing I needed more. I checked the salt generator...
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    Replacing a motor

    Hi, I am looking to replace my AO Smith motor (I think the bearings are gone - it's making a weird noise AND I broke the starter switch when investigating). I have one question - seems kinda stupid, but how do I get the diffuser off the drive shaft? The whole thing turns (obviously) but when I...
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    Pool pump issue

    Hi, After going on vacation and our neighbour agreeing to tend to our filter basket, we have come home to a blocked basket (full of leaves) and a pump motor that is making a loud noise (almost rattling) and not pumping any water around the system. Any ideas what is could be? I'm assuming the...
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    Pool timer losing time

    Hi, my pool timer is losing time, it's working, but losing an hour or so every few hours. It looks pretty old, some of the casing and the cogs behind it are pretty rusty. Could this be more than one thing? I assume there's a timer motor and then a mechanism that that drives the 'face' and it...
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    Smelly water

    We recently opened up our pool (salt cell, covered in winter by plastic opaque cover) and the water is cloudy and stinks, rotten smell. Any ideas how to clean these, or do I just need to send a sample to the professionals? Will making more chlorine and take care of this over the next few days...