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    High alkalinity low ph

    I agree. If the PH stays steady I wouldn’t worry about it. If the PH rises with the high TA (as it should) adding acid to bring the PH down will eventually lower your TA.
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    PH Difference

    Thanks for all of the help. I did complete the calibration. The 7.0 solution read 6.86 and the smiley face did appear and stay there and I believe the PH calibration read 6.98 at the end. When I hit the button to end the calibration I did not get an error message. I will do the calibration again...
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    PH Difference

    Thanks for the hints. I thought I calibrated it correctly but will do it again. One thing that did confuse me a bit is that when I put it in the 7.0 solution to calibrate, the solution reads 6.86. Is that correct or is the solution bad? When I put it in the 4.0 solution it reads 4.0.
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    PH Difference

    I could not agree more. I managed the pool great using the Taylor. I actually bought it because I got lasik surgery and I now need readers. So without my readers the comparator was a little small and with them it seemed distorted. I still have the large comparator that came with my TF100. Maybe...
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    PH Difference

    I bought an Apera PH 60 to test the PH of my pool water. Supposed to be accurate to the hundredths. I am not sure why I bought it as I have been successful managing my pool water with the Taylor surecheck (the small comparator). I think I just wanted a new toy! Now that I have used it...
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    Freezing weather coming

    I open my pool early in April every year. In Ohio this happens every year at least once after I open my pool. It is actually going to happen here this week. Remember it is only going to be below freezing for a couple of hours. Usually the day before and the day after the temps are quite a bit...
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    Open pool and temps in the mid 20s forecasted this week

    I have the same problem but am not really worried. The water temp is 60 and it is only supposed to be be below freezing for a couple of hours. Daytime temps both the day before and after are above freezing. I am no expert but I doubt it will be cold enough for long enough to do any damage. But I...
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    Pool opened. Next year I'll open it myself.

    Paid a company for three years to open my pool. Didn’t mind paying them and certainly don’t begrudge anyone earning a profit. I hire out my grass cutting landscaping etc. Things I can do but just don’t want to be bothered with. That being said my son in law talked me into opening the pool...
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    PH Test Question

    Yes my FC was at 11. That may explain it thanks.
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    PH Test Question

    I took a PH reading today and the first picture is when I first shook it up. It looks like about 7.2. I got distracted and when I came back the color had turned much pinker and it looked to be 7.8-8.0. I was gone only a few seconds. Is this normal? I never noticed this before. I expected the PH...
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    Ohio Pool Opening

    I opened my pool yesterday to this! I did cheat a little. A few days before I opened the corner of my cover and dropped in the robot to vacuum. Thanks TFP!
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Exciting times! With a vinyl pool make sure your landscaper and pool builder have talked about drainage. Make sure all of the water drains away from the pool. You will find many disastrous posts about mud and rainwater getting into pools after storms. Our pool was in a low spot in our yard and...
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    MD - VA - PA - DE - DC - When are you opening?

    I am from Ohio so sorry if I hijacked this thread 😀 I open mine about the third week of April. Last year water was 48 degrees. Already peeled back the cover and the water is dirty but clear. Get everything going and add chlorine and start to balance the water. I will heat the water to 65 and get...
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    Please post pictures of your pool cabana/house!

    I will get back to you. I will see if I can find any drawings.
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    Please post pictures of your pool cabana/house!

    It was a quite bit more than that. It was 2017 so I would have to go back. But the pool itself was close to 55 k but that was with a 13k auto cover. With the pool house, we needed much more decking so that also added to the cost. But if I had to guess around 85-90k total. Also though it cost me...
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    Please post pictures of your pool cabana/house!

    Here is a picture of mine but it kind of broke the bank. Bathroom install became quite expensive. First because it had a bathroom in it our county considered it a building that could be occupied so it had to go on a foundation. Next our locality would only approve it if we tied directly into the...
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    I just noticed in your signature the pool builder is recommending against salt water. Ignore them and get it. One thing I have learned since joining this site is that many pool builders are not experts on water chemistry.
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Looks great. Have you talked to your builder about your bathroom tying into the sewage line? In our subdivision here we had to tie ours into the main sewage line which was 18 feet deep. Quite an expensive dig.
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    Sand or Cartridge

    I am in Ohio so the weather is about the same. I keep my pool open from end of April through September. I like my cartridge filter and only have to clean it twice a year. Once in July and when I close the pool. And even in July when I clean it the pressure has not risen enough to clean it just...
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    First time pool owner in Massillon Ohio.

    Welcome! I am not too far from you here in Canfield OH. All I can say is listen to these guys and follow the TFP methods. You will have the clearest water around! I found them a year into my pool ownership when the pool store had my water all messed up. Been following TFP since and have had...
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    Those with borderless vinyl liners…

    My vinyl liner with a border is 4 years old and the fading below the waterline is noticeable. When filled to the waterline you cannot notice. And I have followed TFP protocol since the first year. Someone also told me since I have an auto cover that there is virtually no fading above the...
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    FC staying at 20-21. Should I close?

    I don’t know the answer but I have the same problem. I have a company coming to close the pool on Monday and my FC is not dropping at all. My CYA too is 60 and I brought my FC to 24 yesterday and today it is still at 24. I have an auto cover and even if I leave it open I don’t think the FC will...