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    Learn from my mistake. Ph dropped from 7.9 to 6.8 overnight. Wtf?

    Tuesday was a busy morning. Had a window crew here. Stone repair crew for outdoor kitchen. And a trim crew for our new cedar patio cover. I was done testing my water and needed to bump ph down from 7.9 to 7.6 per pool math calc I needed 11 ounces. No big deal. Poured it into my pre-marked cup...
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    I almost screwed the pooch with cya and pucks. And I knew better!

    My cya was at 40 just two months ago. I kept using those Dang pucks and it got to 50 a month ago. Still in the zone I said. I mean the tf100 is literally telling me to stop and my logs in pool math are confirming it. But l kept on using the pucks. Sunday, my cya is at 65 and I am now aware of...
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    Large air bubbles in return line. New build

    New here and learning a bunch. Thanks. I'm hoping you can help. I'm getting what I call big bubbles from one return. With the cover on, they appear from behind the cover but when I took it off, the big bubbles are coming from the return pipe. They start big like you see and consistent like a...