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    Hot tub losing water to pool after hard freeze in Texas

    Thanks for your reply j45! I hope this post finds you safe, warm, and dry. Good luck with your equipment. When I lost power I immediately turned off power to the pool equipment from the breaker box and removed the two plugs under the pump to drain it. I also opened up the hose bib on top of the...
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    Hot tub losing water to pool after hard freeze in Texas

    Hi. I have a Pentair backflow valve that might be the culprit, but not sure what to do. Replace it? This week most of Houston lost power during the winter storm and my pool equipment has been shut down for 5 days and pumps drained. My hot tub water level is going down about an inch a day ever...
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    Water on multiport valve

    Is it normal for water to slowly accumulate on top of the multiport valve or do I need to tighten it or replace a gasket? The water first fills up the grooves and then the top but it takes about a day to start spilling over to the ground. Thanks
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    DE filter cleaning

    Is it really necessary to professionally / chemically have a DE filter cleaned once or twice a year? I backwash mine every couple of months even though the pressure hardly ever rises more than 1 or 2 psi above my baseline of 10 psi. Thanks.
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    Hello from Houston

    We built our in-ground chlorine 13,000 gallon pool in 2013 and should have registered with TFP sooner. Once again as in every spring, dealing with high CYA and chlorine lock. Hope to learn and feel more confident about water analysis and to find an alternative to the 3 inch chlorine pucks. Have...