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    Oops! Nearly drained my pool empty. How low can I keep it for Michigan winter?

    I'm glad you said that, I was strongly considering going only halfway. It's about halfway right now. Been filling sense 8am yesterday, but only have the faucet half open. Too scared I'll forget and overfill it if the faucet was on full!
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    Oops! Nearly drained my pool empty. How low can I keep it for Michigan winter?

    So I drained the pool yesterday for winter and forgot. It's nearly completely empty, the main drain plumbing height is what kept about a foot of water in it. My question is, how much water do I need to keep in the pool for winter? I'll probably put water up to that level and call it good.
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    Help - No or Low flow from pump

    I had a chance to mess with this. It seems as if my filter cartridge was clogged. I say this because I'm running it without the filter and it seems to be running fine. Pressure gauge is suppose to go up but it didn't, I think its been broke since new maybe. The gauge goes to 60max and it...
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    Help - No or Low flow from pump

    I just separated the pump from the motor and to my untrained eye everything looks ok. ) I must be missing something, and something has to be blocked. This is an AGP so it can't be much. I hope its nothing to do with my heat pump. Any other ideas?
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    Help - No or Low flow from pump

    Would it sound different if the impeller clogged or fail? Cause it sounds the same to me.
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    Help - No or Low flow from pump

    My saltwater generator has been saying low flow often. I cleaned the filter yesterday. I came out this morning, it says low flow and I feel little water coming out the return. I take things apart and keep turning the pump off and on looking for maybe something clogged, this didn't go too great...
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    Tree hit my pool. Very little damage but looking for advice.

    I really don't know the neighbors. The live behind us and there is a privacy fence. Only time I spoke with them is when my tree trimmer trimmed their trees that crossed over onto my property line. They kinda watched and seemed concerned about their overgrown trees being trimmed. Then the husband...
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    Tree hit my pool. Very little damage but looking for advice.

    The neighbors has more trees, his whole yard is overgrown trees, unfortunately they are all healthy, never trimmed and 50+ feet tall. Lol, It would be a good bet this is going to happen again. I almost feel like I have to pay to get the neighbors trees removed or else I'm going to pay the same...
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    Pool Rover Junior review-aka Lil Kim

    Greatly reduces the stress on your pool filtration with a robot. Biggest pro IMO. Nobody wants to clean a filter cartridge. Changing from a suction side cleaner to a robot could mean only needing to clean your cartridge once or twice a year.
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    Cutting new holes in the Drain plugs

    Hey man good job on this, it looks great! Cross fingers it doesn't leak. BTW Costa Rica is great, did pacific side last year and for sure coming back. Such a diverse country one visit isn't enough.
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    Take down and store hard sided above ground pool each season.

    If I understand correctly and this is a conventional AGP then, the liner cannot be removed and re installed, it will shrink.
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    How much did you pay for electrical & bonding?

    $1200-$1500, plus permit, seems to be the answer. Tom's example is $500 material. Digging a trench is probably 5hrs. Bonding around the pool and the water is 5hrs. Conduit, wires, breakers, tie into panel, wire at pump motor, gfci, receptacle and all the other stuff, another 5hrs. 15hrs @ $50...
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    Tree hit my pool. Very little damage but looking for advice.

    Ice storm last Sunday dropped the top 3rd of my neighbors tree and it hit my pool. It doesn't look like much damage, but it is damaged. The pool is only 3 yrs old and I'm bummed cause it was a nice pool. It's damaged in 3 spots. 1st is a 2' area that is creased and pushed the pool wall in about...
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    Pool Rover Junior review-aka Lil Kim

    I really like my Rover Jr. The guy I got it from never switched then pin and complained it didn't work good. He sold it to me for $75 bucks and the thing works awesome! I agree the bag can be a pain to clean, but relatively not too bad. Hose it off and toss it in the washing machine every now...
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    How much did you pay for electrical & bonding?

    How much was it to get the electrical installed for your AGP? Looking for a price that includes the trenching, wiring & bonding. No Heater or anything special, trenched about 70'. With or without inspection costs?
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    Waited too long to remove the leaf net maybe?

    Mines frozen on too, oops.
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    Design problem

    In the design picture it does show the water being poured out of the bowl past the coping. Maybe you build some stone work off that coping as a 2nd tier, the water hits that and gets directed in the pool. Or see if Pentair makes larger bowls.. or take that whole top coping off and put one...
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    Nicest or coolest intex pool installs?

    Anyone have pics or links to some cool intex pool installs? I seen a couple on here in the past but having trouble finding them. One was a small backyard in Europe with a square intex, upgraded pump, returns and heater. Think it had some astroturf lawn. Another one I seen was in a guy's...
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    Bonding question

    Stainless steel hardware and if the inspectors a real stickler any exposed pvc needs schedule 80.
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    Best Electric Heater for in-ground pool?

    You mean a Heat Pump? Not sure if they make electric heaters for pools. If they do, don't get one. Electricity is the most inefficient way to heat.
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    Winter pool covers what one do I need?

    its just cheapy.. the hose is worthless and needs to be replaced but overall I like it. : Blue Wave Drain for Winter Pool Cover : Swimming Pool Covers : Patio, Lawn Garden
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    Winter pool covers what one do I need?

    I think Kim is pushing for the cheap ones. I had some time to actually search (sorry I should do that more) and it seems like that might be the consensus, go cheap. It does look like some of these covers are a mesh which will let water in your pool. This will leave some slightly dirty and...
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    Winter pool covers what one do I need?

    I'm going to be buying a cover from INYO. What one do I need?! for a 24' AG round they have; 1. 8yr Denalie for $60 2. 15yr for $100 3. 20yr Everest for $130 What the difference going to be? Also do all these covers stop water coming in or do some let water in?
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    Winterized too early and now I've lost a lot of water

    I'm in the same boat. I didn't close early but I forgot that I was draining the pool and drained out an extra 4"-6". Oops. So its about 10"-12" below my skimmer, not the recommended 6". I just put the pillow in the middle and called it good.
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    Slightly aggrivated new pool ownwer

    I'm usually never that guy but... paragraphs... please.
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    Pool Heating-Propane versus Electric?

    In general gas should be much more efficient than electric when heating.
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    Just kill me now

    Guys I think he's saying that his filter clogs up, restricting flow. Now his SWG isn't turning on because of "Low Flow".
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    bonding new pump

    Sounds like an AGP that's not bonded. or you can't see the bond, its suppose to be 4" deep and 4"-18" off the pool wall, it goes around your pool.
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    Winterizing dual main bottom drains

    Never tracked the temperatures here in Michigan. We seem to always get at least 2 weeks in the single digits. No idea if the pool has frozen solid or not. I did my 1st year with the antifreeze and just the shut off, but was always so afraid the valve would leak. This is why I have been keeping...