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    Help with switching pool to saltwater system

    Hi, I been doing some research and would like to switch to a saltwater system for my above ground pool. During my research I found that since most of my parts are not resin it would be a bad idea to switch to saltwater. I was wondering if there is a protector I can spray on the metal parts like...
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    Pool contractor in New Jersey

    Im looking to buy a pool kit online and I am wondering if there is any pool contractor in the south jersey area or does anyone know any that could help with installation?
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    Vinyl tanning ledge or Fiberglass tanning ledge

    Hi, I am looking to get a inground vinyl lined pool and would like a tanning ledge to put lounge chairs on and stuff. I see that you can include a tanning ledge with a vinyl lined pool but I'm not sure about durability or longevity so I was wondering if its possible to add a fiberglass tanning...