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    Ideally I want to use the pool heavily during the weekend, and I guess I do... but by mid week, it is turning green. I am having to do chemical treatments every Wednesday/Thursday, and sometimes the pool is not ready by Friday night, or even Saturday noon. So I basically have a nice pool on...
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    Hey guys, I would really appreciate your help. I rented my place, and the pool got green. I tried a few things (followed steps as on the forum) to clear it up and make sure it is balanced. But it has been over 2 weeks and it looks way better but I can't get it to not be cloudy. It just keeps...
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    Treating the pool for almost a month now, with little to no results.

    I have a pool. It turned green after the pool company did not service it for a week. After I noticed, I went to a pool supply store, took a water test, and bought some chemicals to treat it myself. Week 1: Added chlorine as needed (doing test strips or testing with them). With virtually no...