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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    My original motor died. Upon looking around I found a Century A.O. Smith - 48Y 1-1/2HP Single Speed Pool and Spa Pump Motor, 16.0/8.0A, 115/230V at an online retailer and bought it. When I opened up the box, I noticed it had a few extra wires, no switch and start-up capacitor. Looked great and...
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    Need help on lines.

    A person in the neighborhood was asking for advice on FB about their pool a couple weeks ago. I asked a question about the issue and she responded that it was losing water while filtering. I ask a few days ago and the "pool experts" she was told to contact never went and checked out the issue...
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    Need a facelift

    So I have a 18x40 that has a 2 tiered deck. 4ft walk around at pool height with steps down to a lower level. The lower level was built in 2007. It has since started falling apart. Deck boards, treated 5/4 are now rotting and support 2x6s are also starting to come apart. The area is 20x20ish. We...
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    Too much salt?

    So this spring I added salt, about 14 bags. I have 18x40x54 oval AGP. And yes without testing manually. My Hayward SWG was reading 500 or so. Went to Leslie's and bought the last salt strips. Came home and tested. 5200 on the strip. SWG was showing 1000. Since adding salt, I have lost water...
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    Dolphin E10 Pump PC board

    Anyone know where to buy one at? My stupidity allowed me to not seal the pump case good and the pump housing allowed water in. I dried everything out, cleaned the pump motor and the drive motor. Tested them with 9volt battery. They work when power applied. Power box works fine without robot...
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    Dolphin E-10

    Looking at a Dolphin E10 for my 18x40. That said the E10 is listed as being used for pools "Up to 32' and Smaller Pools". If I place it 1/2 way along the side, is this going to work? TIA
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    Looking for advice

    I have a AGP right now. I'm making plans to install an in-ground. I'm drawn more to fiberglass over gunite. Issue I think I will have is the slope of my yard. Years ago I had an AGP that was partially in the the ground. On one side it was 18 inches above the ground. On the other side it was...
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    Wall rusting out.

    So I been having a wall rusting issue. Last year we changed out the liner. The rust wasn't this bad and we did add rustoleum paint tot the insides. The rust started from the outside and ate all the way through. Culprit, skimmer basket always over flowing because of too much rain last season. And...
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    Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid

    So I finally got the wires fixed at the plug connection by the pump. Somehow, I guess over time, the connection leaked and fried the pins. I made a repair I found online by splicing the wires, liquid electrical tape and then double heat shrinking the spliced area. Seems to be working great...
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    Latest test indicate high FC

    So I haven't tested my pool since I had to drop my pH. Which is now where is should be. We had alot of rain that diluted my pool to the point the salt was down to 2400 and CYA was low and it was getting really cloudy fast. pH was so far out, I couldn't get a decent reading on the color chart. I...
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    How many use electric/gas heaters for your AGP? I have a solar strip, but it's not enough. Thinking of doing a mechanical heater. I don't have gas lines to my home, so that would have to be ran if I go with gas. I'd rather go electric. Pro/Cons of gas versus electric. Really need it only to...
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    Green tinted water

    On 4/3 I installed a new liner. On 4/4 I finished getting it all lined up and added some water. No wrinkles or issues so I filled her up. My pool rover needed a new bag so it was ordered. Got it in and now the power supply doesn't work, so I had to order a new one. That'll be here new week. In...
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    This is the pool and deck we had for the last 6.5 years. It was a 21' round 30" deep in the ground. I got the plans for the deck from and made my own changes to suit. These are the on pics I have with me showing the pool/deck setup. Please disregard the crazy water loving lab.
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    Next step?

    I've got my pool filled with city water. I haven't tested it yet, but did add 2 gallons of Clorox bleach to keep it sterile. I'm guessing before I put any salt in I should test the water and see what other chemicals need to be added first. Bring up FC levels, then add the recommended salt and...
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    Where did I mess up?

    I tore down a 21x52 round. Installed a 18x40x54 oval. I tried to use my same pump and filter setup. I chose to move my pump to a more secure location, which is 65' away from the pool. I have 1 1/2" lines running for skimmer and returns. I also added a 2nd return opposite the skimmer side...
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    Hayward AquaRite SWCG

    When installing the panel, wouldn't you want power to it all the time. The flow switch would be what controls the chlorinator to produce chlorine. Right? If this is the case then the pump would be he only item that needs to be on a timer. AquaRite panel would be hardwired. Or does the panel and...
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    Running SWG/Pump

    I have a Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac that I really like. Should I turn off the SWG when the Vac is connected and running?
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    Sharkline Matrix 54

    I'm getting close to install the wall. However, I keep reading the instructions and can't find what the white pieces of plastic are for. They are about 12 inches long and seem to go over the liner j-hook(the type of liner I have), between the top rails on either side of the uprights. Problem is...
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    How long should I wait?

    I had to take my 21' AGP that was partially in the ground up. I bought a Matrix 18x40 to replace it. I filled the hole with 50+ yards of riversand and sandy topsoil. Half of the 18x40 will sit above the previous hole, the other half will be on undisturbed ground. How long should I wait before...