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    Green pool - again

    Hello everyone, I recently posted a thread about problems with my pool turning green real quick. My CH levels were through the roof so I decided to drain the Pool and start over. This was a couple of months ago. Everything was going great up until a couple of weeks ago when my pool turned...
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    Lost pool owner

    Hello everyone, Interesting story. I currently find myself struggling with keeping my pool from building algae. Clearly I am doing something wrong. So I start research on how to take care of my pool and am recommended to this website. I decide to create an account only to find out I created one...
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    Rookie Pool Owner

    Hello everyone, Recently, I began having a lot of problems with my pool. I'm clearly a beginner and can't seem to get the balance right. My pool is constantly turning green, and my chlorine levels are low. I have a sand filter, which I replaced the sand last summer and also drained the pool...