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    Calcium Hardness in AZ

    Tested again from the pool and also from the water spigot that feeds the pool. No change, looks like I need to make a purchase to get my levels a little higher.
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    Calcium Hardness in AZ

    So you AZ folks, I had my pool drained and cleaned and now its filled back up and I am getting all my chemicals going now. Testing with the kit I am showing my CH levels at 125 Ever since we moved in with this pool the CH was always sky high which I believe from talking to people here is because...
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    Switched to SWG

    10 hours a day at night or during sunshine hours?
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    Switched to SWG

    I was able to SLAM and pass the OCLT test and the algae is gone, which is great, now I just need to figure out what I should be running my salt cell at and for how long. Are most running it when the sun is out? I run mine during off peak hours (night time 9pm-9am) to save money but maybe I’m...
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    Switched to SWG

    I worked all last year to get my CYA down to 30 from the 200 + that it was at when we purchased the home. So this year after the salt cell was added I have slowly been bringing the CYA up to where I am at now 70. I dont have any CC and never had to deal with CC last year and even now. Now with...
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    Switched to SWG

    I added just before you posted 100 percent, and I scrub everyday.
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    Switched to SWG

    Here goes, last year and my first year I was able to keep my pool algae free, with your help and my test kit. This year I said to heck with buying chlorine and dumping everyday. Pool company installed IC40, I thought this year will be super easy. I’m fighting algae all over the walls like...
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    Cracked lid, part # ?

    Yes, it is blue square. It is from the floor cleaning system
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    Cracked lid, part # ?

    This part (lid) is cracked and was pumping water up in the air, lost a good amount of water but luckily my neighbor caught it and informed me before it drained my entire pool. Anybody know what the part number is or what the part is called.
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    Looking to install a salt water chlorine generator.

    Here is a picture of my setup, looks like the best place to install is the long horizontal pipe with the hose bib attached. I’m not even sure why that is there, I’ve never used it. Any recommendations on which one I should buy?
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    Closing a Pool in AZ?

    OK so I made it through the summer with all the great help here, even getting my CYA down to manageable numbers. I see all these people "closing" their pools for the winter. I would think this is not even a thing in Southwest AZ. Anyway how long should the pump be running and at what speed? I...
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    CYA 220 & TDS 5500 - yikes! new to this pool - only 3 weeks.

    Some days it’s a half gallon other days when I want to keep the chlorine higher I do a gallon each night.
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    Can I use a “regular” magnetic stirrer? *pic included*

    I already have the speedstir, but I want to make this. You have a link or video? This is awesome!
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    To Calcium or Not to Calcium..

    So your saying your Calcium Hardness dropped by adding Borax?
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    Calcium Hardness

    I live in AZ I have hard water, how do most people handle this. Let it creep up over the summer and just leave it high then when winter comes do a partial drain to get the CH down?
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    TF 100 Total Alkalinity

    Simple question, Pool Math shows TA should be between 70-90 but the paperwork I received with my TF 100 states the TA should be between 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools (which is what have) What range should I be using?
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    CYA 220 & TDS 5500 - yikes! new to this pool - only 3 weeks.

    I’m in AZ also, had the same issue, previous owners used pucks all the time, of course it was June and above 100 everyday, I ended up doing the water replacement, pump in deep end and fill in shallow end. Took me 4 days non stop to get back down to 60 CYA. I feel your pain. In the past few...
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    Damaged Skimmer

    I guess the previous owners kids could have done it.
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    Damaged Skimmer

    Is it normal for door to slam that hard into the tabs to damage/break them? Its like that on both sides and my new door has a crack.
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    Damaged Skimmer

    I thought I was doing something good when I replaced the weir door but I didn’t pay attention or I didn’t know the skimmer tabs were actually broken. I have attached a picture (not the greatest, it’s under water) of the weir door and you can see the tabs that hold it from flopping forward are...
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    Amount of Chlorine

    I know everybody will have different answers but I am just curious for those of us without SWG that are Liquid Chlorine dumpers how much are you putting in your pool per day? I would imagine your dumping everyday and is it a gallon, half gallon?
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    Water Bugs

    Looking up online from what I can tell is they are water boatman. I don’t have tons of bugs just a couple everyday. I scoop them out when I see them. Just wish I had none. I always keep up on my chlorine levels and everything as for numbers look good. Not sure if this is just normal.
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    Water Bugs

    Have bugs in the water not sure why? Any help greatly appreciated. Here are my TF100 test kit numbers. CYA=50 FC=5.5 CC=0 PH=8.2 TA=80 CH=375 (tap water is 200 sure is hard to keep this down)
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    I ordered from them and the part came quick and was exactly what I wanted. No issues, I would order from them again
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    FC testing

    I have been reading a lot on these forums and I keep seeing different numbers for testing FC. Some state multiply drops by .2 some .5 Some state different amounts of pool water, 25ml and 10ml. I’m using the instructions that came with the TF100 and it states 10ml and multiply .5 Anybody able to...
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    New (to us) Home with In Ground Pool

    I am in Arizona, it’s usually sunny and 100 plus degree weather for the next 3 months. I figured it was best to get my CYA down before starting this pool maintenance. I most likely would have been dumping in 3-4 gallons a day (I think) and that was just not cost effective. Water is a whole lot...
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    New (to us) Home with In Ground Pool

    So here is where I’m at after 3 weeks and think. Water exchange twice to finally get the CYA down to 60. Started the SLAM process and stayed on top of it. Finally the OCLT held up last night, didn’t lose any. Final results are as follows FC=12 (still letting it drift down) CC=.5 PH=7.8 CH=375...