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    Pool Deck Concrete - Sealant?

    After 10 years, my basic concrete deck is looking rough. I need to powerwash it, but every time I do that it seems it leaves the surface sandy. Is there a sealant that you recommend for concrete? Thanks!
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    Plaster Patching Underwater?

    Hi all - I have a spot in my shallow end about the size of a credit card where plaster has broken off...resulting in a ditch around 1/2 inch deep. I know I can patch it dry, but I would like to patch it underwater if possible. Any ideas?
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    Impossible Brown Stains

    Hi, When I opened my pool this year, there were a lot of brown stains. None of this was there when I closed the pool late September. Thought it was algae, but it wouldn't come off. Finally I drained the pool and took some pictures (below). I have applied bleach to these areas, the stains...