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    High chlorine, pool still green

    You need to get stabilizer in the pool, your Free Chlorine is a bit high for your current reading of 21. I believe they recommend starting at 30, I am not an expert, just a forum participant ~ but I do know you will be advised to bring that up. Your pH is high, but I believe that is due to the...
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    High chlorine, pool still green

    is there a liner in it?
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    Leaking Main Drain. What are my options?

    Not sure if this would be an option or not, but if you can't dig you aren't left with many to begin with. What about looking for what I call a "pig" to plug the drain? We use "pigs" in the mining industry to plug pipe and holes. If you found one to fit it would stop the leak.
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    Advice for cloudy water?

    You're cool with that. I always like to dose when possible in the evening when the sun is off the water. So sometime this evening if you have the chance introduce the chlorine to the water, with the filter running and if anyone can brush that would only help the cause.
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    High chlorine, pool still green

    I am sure you will be asked to put your specific pool details in your signature so people helping can see what you have. While you figure that out there are instructions for doing so on the forum, edit and add them above in your original post, then do the official signature. There is an...
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    Above ground pool from heck

    It wouldn't hurt though to stir it with the pole (not while its raining!) every now and again to keep what you have in there moving around a bit and if you could brush it that would be even better. Your supplies will be here soon I would imagine so do what you can as far as keeping the water in...
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    Advice for cloudy water?

    If you get a chance to fill in your signature between now and the time the kit comes that will be really helpful for the folks who will walk you through trying to clear your pool before the party.
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    New Home, New Pool, New Problems

    I am not familiar with that kit name, it could be private label for one promoted here, if it is you will be asked to post a set of numbers. You are just blindly dumping things in hoping for clarity and you need to stop that because you are making a witches brew that is just going to require a...
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    AA Treatment in progress - Time Sensitive Question

    If it were me with a vinyl pool I would SLAM the pool and enjoy it, then when the season comes to a close remove the stains. This is the hottest time of the year and I believe with that stuff your levels have to be extremely low for them to work.
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    Above ground pool from heck

    James, without the test kit result I am afraid to offer any assistance, but for what zea3 said. That's a lot of CYA so please don't put that all in there or you will have to drain. Minimally until your kit comes keep 2 cups of bleach in the water and make sure to "stir"
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    trying to do a slam the right way

    How are you testing?
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    Radiant pools with deluxe coping

    It looks like they were installed backwards, from the pictures; they need flipped the other way. Now I don't know that, but looking at the picture, that's what I think.
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    Is FC too high to swim?

    For what we have here on the weekend I kick it up a smidge, yours is up quite a bit but still in the safe zone so you can let it drift a bit. Morning of first swim lessons test and get your numbers, at the conclusion of lessons, when the pool empties test again and see how much was used day...
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    Is FC too high to swim?

    At 40 I believe you are safe to swim up to FC 16 Which if you are hosting lessons and will have a higher bather load 12 should do nicely. I always like to boost it a smidge when I have extra folks in the pool, because it just gives me peace of mind to know that everything they walk in there...
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    Is FC too high to swim?

    What is your CYA?
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    Possible algae

    Re: Help please, what is this? Dead or on their way to dead organics that are in your water is my guess, but someone who knows considerably more will pop in here and offer their thoughts.
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    Where is the snake?

    Glad to hear that. He may come back, but just do what you are doing to get that pool running, you won't get him caught in the filtering. Now you have a task ahead of you from the sounds of it. It stinks to get started, but once you see the littlest of progress that gets the blood pumping to...
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    Just finished leveling again!!

    That's the most important part, you will be really glad that you took the time to get it perfect.
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    New owner, just opened pool. Help!

    Righty Tighty / Lefty Loosey When in doubt I start with that for something threaded.
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    Rome Pie Iron

    I have noticed in my area the Rome Pie Irons are beginning to go on Sale everywhere; single and the doubles. Not sure if anyone uses them, but we like to on the firepit. The cheapie ones warp in an instant. The Rome ones are super durable, so it's nice to pick them up when they are on sale.
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    Above ground pool from heck

    You will need stabilizer in the water / CYA / Cyanuric Acid ~ it's all the same stuff. Just make sure you obtain the product that is 100% so you aren't adding anything else. I don't believe you want to introduce bleach / liquid chlorine into the water without the product above. A small amount...
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    Where is the snake?

    Grew up with a pool up North, we had everything in it at one point or another, deeply wooded and critters found their way in. Like you we fished them out, if they didn't escape on their own. I don't believe the snake is living in the pool. The pool is a food source it knows its way in and out...
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    Advice for cloudy water?

    (Yes it's in my signature. Not to take from her thread. Takes 1.25 hours a full turn. My debris from the trees for the most part is down to a couple leaves a day now. There are no dead spots, we swim daily. Fields are done being worked, the corn has broken through and is growing like crazy...
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    Algae is back! What did I do wrong??

    When you were in SLAM did you pass all 3 criteria before you drifted out of it? CC is 0.5 or lower; You pass an OCLT (ie overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less); And the water is clear. I am going to guess if your water is clouding back up you either didn't knock it...
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    Advice for cloudy water?

    I could tell when I read your post right where you were at in your head. Mine are older now, but it sticks with a person for a lifetime I guess :) And yep that second baby is such an adjustment. But congratulations & hopefully it won't be too long before you can get out of that rocker a...
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    New AG Pool and it's sparkling green! Help!

    I think you need to know your numbers with certainty and dose/ adjust accordingly per instructions here, if you have decided to follow this method. If your CYA is 30 and you are in SLAM you should Maintain (that's what the M stands for in SLAM) a minimum of 12 free chlorine throughout your...
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    Top 10 Essential Pool Items

    Rural King, Tractor Supply, Lowe's, Home Depot, Local Hardware Stores, sometimes they all carry liquid chlorine. Just need to check the date (it can be Julian Calendar dating) and check the price. I don't know what you have in your area but we have several places to look when we need liquid...
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    New AG Pool and it's sparkling green! Help!

    The quick and dirty Stay out of the Pool Store Get a Recommended Test Kit Read Pool School Follow the method here Your water will clear You filled the pool last Saturday/Sunday, really didn't put anything into it & ran the filter. (I would question that deeper asking did you or did you not...
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    Friends pool next door

    If you have added water, you will need to do another 50% drain. *if they have a SWG ~ you would want to be in the 70's or 80's I think for CYA. You didn't mention that. If there is no system you will want that CYA lower to be manageable, especially knowing you need to SLAM it.
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    Walmart pool essentials 10% chlorine

    16 is the year 166 is the 166th day of that year. for 2016 the 166th day is June 16th (we had a leap year this year I believe). Edit to Add: Julian Calendar Date Stamp If you google Julian Calendar for 2016 you can see what number range you should be in for your purchases.