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    Return sending dirt back to pool

    I vacuumed my pool to filter, turned off pump, backwashed till clear, rinsed until clear then turned back to filter only to see dirt return to the pool. Why is this happening?
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    Pressure gauge very low

    Hi! I just turned my pool pump on and the pressure is below 10, usually closer to 20. Do I backwash? I thought the need to backwash would increase pressure.
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    Inground vs above ground cleaners

    I have a 27’ x 54” pool that we installed 2.5 ‘ inground. I’ve seen the pool cleaners listed as in-ground and above ground, which would I choose since my pool is somewhat both?
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    today's test using k=2006 test kit: fc = 10.5, cc = 0 (sample did not turn pink), ph 7.4, alk 100 cya 80. Pool is crystal clear.
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    Green pool, help

    Test results as of today: fc 11, cc .5, ph 7.2, alk 100, cal 0 Why is my pool green 27' semi-inground, vinyl liner, aluminum walls, 26", Outdoor pro 26" high rate sand filter, pentair model 320 in-line chlorine feeder, 2.0 hp two speed pump (outdoor pro)
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    Balanced, now what

    It's been a few years since I had a pool. I just installed a 27' Round by 54" semi-inground pool. I know the most important is balancing, which I have already balanced. Anything else other than maintenance? Melissa, Waveland, MS 27'x54" round, semi-inground, vinyl, aluminum walls, approx 19k...
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    New pool on the gulf coast

    Hello! I am installing a 27’ x 54” pool that is 2’ in the ground. I’ve been reading about how you just use bleach and I am intrigued. I had a pool before but it’s been several years. I had my pool on a maintenance schedule and never had any issues with clear water, but I was using all the...