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    Replacement liner for Bermuda King?

    Looking for a place to get a liner for Bermuda King pool. Not sure this is the right name. All aluminum pool with fan deck usually, liner hooks in the face of the top rail and is about 1/8" wide. Half width of an inground liner bead.
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    What is TDS?

    Split from here. JasonLion Well then what does TDS mean. I have been in the pool industry for over thirty years an I reallywant to learn something new so PLEASE explain to me what it is. Why when a pool has over 5000 TDS no matter how much chemical you throw at it no change. But miracle of...
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    Big three warranty changes

    Pentair, Zodiac and Hayward change warranties for online purchases. Dec 13, 2013 issue of Pool & Spa News.
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    Pot ash

    What would the purpose be of putting say 20 lbs of pot ash in a pool at startup in the spring after being down all winter. Something that I heard today and just wondering. After 30 years in the business I still am left wondering on a daily basis.
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    Not every pool store is out to screw the customer

    It is hard to believe that there is that many pool stores that treat the customer so badly. I know there are those types of service providers out there, I have two like that just 30 minutes away. Our family has had a pool for 40 + years, and we have been building for 30 of those. We stay up to...
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    Content of 1 gallon of bleach

    I have been reading alot on here and have a couple of questions that have probably been asked and I just haven't seen the answers. We have been around pools since 1968, so you can imagine what we have learned by trial and error. If bleach is 6% chlorine what does the other 94% consist of. How...