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    FC eaten up fast by clean, balanced hot tub

    Hi, I'm wondering why my free chlorine in my hot tub is heating up so quickly? I've followed the dichlor/bleach method and have it balanced in line with recommended parameters. pH is a bit low at 7.0. I top up the FC to 6.0 in a very clear tub and it consistently drops down to 1.0 within...
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    Next steps? Algae seems gone after 12 day SLAM

    Hi, my SLAM may be coming to a close after about 12 days. Pool water is crystal clear blue, and I have a solid test kit in place now so here is what I'm looking at and would appreciate guidance on next steps: Yesterday at 330pm test results (after 2 days of adding no more Chlorine which was...
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    Ideal alkalinity levels

    Why does TFP suggest 50-90 for alkalinity when on most sites and the rest strips themselves and pool store say 120k is a good target?
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    Am I on the right track?

    Hi, we put in a pool last year, 7096 gallons 12x22 x 48in rectangular soft sided Coleman. It has been wonderful. Upsized my pump to an Intex that puts 40 gal/min through and 16 inch sand pump to go with it. Turns the water over every 4-5 hrs and I run it 24/7. Works great. I didn't know much...