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    Foam boards, tarp, and paver questions

    Thanks! Nope we are still digging. I appreciate you sharing your opinion!!!
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    Foam boards, tarp, and paver questions

    Hey all. I have a Coleman 18 ft round pool. About to start digging out the sod and begin the leveling process this weekend. I plan to have a 20x20 area framed with rail-ties. I will be using pavers under each pool leg and then spreading pea gravel. I also want to use th Polystyrene foam...
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    911medic's MN AGP Build

    Great Job! Looks beautiful. I am JUST getting started with the exact same project more or less. Did you fold back or trim your tarp do that it was only under the pool and covering the foam boards? Can the tarp cover your pavers if you are planning to cover everything with pea gravel? Just...
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    First time, Brand New Pool Owner..Setting up advice?

    Covid summer has forced my hand. I purchased a 18x48 Coleman swim vista. I have NO skills. HA! So I have been trying to find someone I could pay to level the ground and help with set-up. Experienced guys are busy. Can't get em. Landscapers will level the ground, but won't help with pool set-up...