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    Poly-fill Use

    Using poly-fill in the skimmers to remove iron. Should it float or sink? I repurposed poly out of a specialty pillow and it is packed into the basket but it floats the whole basket. I put tile to weigh it down. Is this normal?
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    Poolmath Android on Pixel 3XL

    On New Log - Add Chemicals - choose chemical type: at the very bottom of the list is Other Polyquat/Algaecide. This cannot be selected because it greyed out by the left arrow/main screen button.
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    My Iron Stain Removal

    I could not find my answer, so a new thread. Iron staining verified per the vitamin C tablet test. Over the years, when adding muriatic acid, I used a PVC pipe to concentrate the acid on the pebble surface. This would result in bright clean spots. Over time, this has created quite an ugly look...
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    Hayward H400 power supply

    Installation in Florida with lots of summer electrical storms. Would it be wiser to have the power to the electronics switched so that board(s) are not energized when the pump is not running or power to the board(s) always on whether the pump is running or not? Or does it even matter? Over,
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    Hayward H400FD Propane Heater - Remote Start

    Maybe I should have researched better FIRST. Too late, yesterday the H400 replaced a 23 year old Teledyne LAARS that worked mostly without issue, right up until it didn't. I already replaced the gas valve about 10 years ago, it needed it again along with the pilot tube assembly. But I remanence...