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    Looking for advice for heat pump

    100,000 btus is not going to cut it in Wisconsin. Get a 400,000 btu gas heater and move on. You will not see any bump in temp on a heat pump. I have a customer with a 15,000 gallon pool and a 200,000 btu gas heater and it gains her nothing in Missouri.
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    Most Aquabright installers don't add tile since it wouldn't be flush like tile with a plaster finish. When we add tile it is done after the Aquabrite and we can use a silicone adhesive instead of a tile mastic that in my region allows tile mastic to draw moisture and pop tile off with freeze and...
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    Textured vinyl liner on stairs and tanning ledge?

    I won't name the major liner manufacturer that told this but said as the textured vinyl ages it wrinkles.
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    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    Correct Ecofinish will not match your original color. Ecofinish warranty is more left on the installer. The company will pretty well blame everything on the installer and it will most generally never be their fault. Durability is pretty good from what we have done and seen. If it is applied...
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    Should I buy a new AGP now in case the price gouging returns/continues in 2021?

    Buy now install later. Currently fiberglass ingrounds are 15 weeks out for delivery. Our vinyl lined inground supplier says to get our sold pools ordered now to be able to get them. Aboveground permanent pools same way.
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    Pool in a Tent...High Humidity, Gas Build-up...Help please.

    Look for a polycrylic accordian style cover. It is pretty resilient and can be rolled back off the pool when the weather is nice but then rolled over the pool in the winter
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    Talk to me about Auto Covers

    Black could possibly have a shorter service life due to uv absorbsorption
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    Installing Solid Cover

    One person can put the largest solid L cover on. You just have to know how.
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    Crumbling Concrete/Coping

    There are companies that make epoxy overlay material that can be put on that. Longevity is yet to be seen.
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    Awful Concrete Coping

    It isn't "normal" but it is a possibility with a 40' straight wall. You really have to watch to keep the wall straight. We use Cardinal Z forms to be able to accommodate wobble in the wall.
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    Coverstar Autocover - winter cover?

    Out of 150 plus covers we have only had 2with problems. One completely ignored the pool once it was closed for the winter and never removed the water from on top. The other was just a dumb luck cover was aged and started to tear.
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    Coverstar Autocover - winter cover?

    We have been selling autocovers for 20 and only have one customer who doesn't use the auto cover as his winter cover
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    How many Supply and return lines

    Use Aquadoors and you don't have to drain to winterize skimmers
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    Heat Exchanger/Boiler Sizing

    Put in a 400k btu heater and it will heat it.
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    Auto Cover POST Pool Build

    I am not aware of any cover manufacturer that will sell direct to a homeowner. It is not something I would necessarily recommend as a DIY job. It isn't that complicated but installation is critical to longevity.
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    Auto Cover POST Pool Build

    A top track system can be added easily post build. Just looks like an after thought is the drawback. 12k sounds pretty reasonable, I would be at 13,5
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    Merged Multiple Posts: Polymer or steel pool panels

    Another consideration in the steel vs polymer what is the difference in warranties and does going salt void the warranty with a steel panel
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    Any ovals with deep center?

    Go with a round pool if you can and dish the center out. Most ovals are what is called buttress less designs which rely on the cross straps for the strength to hold the straight walls.
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    PolyTec pools experience

    He is correct about the warranty. If it is purchased online it only has a 30 or 90 day warranty unless installed by a qualified installer.
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    Pool leak help / advice (only leaks when cold / pump not running)

    Do you have a main drain? You said you have a high water table correct? It is very possible that a main drain could leak if you have a high water table it could be pulling ground water in when the pump is running and letting pool water escape when the pump is off. I don't understand why a high...
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    Dual Pool Heaters Pool Build: Plumbing, Pump and Cartridge

    Pentair makes the ETi 400 series heaters that are 96% thermal efficiency. We have built several 26 by 50 pools that we are able to heat with one 400k btu heaters. The chillers are not going to be able to handle cooling that volume of water. I think Pentairs chiller is only rated for a maximum...
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    Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure or Indoor Pool

    The auto cover will help but you still need dehumidifier. It is very important since humidity could cause premature rot, mold issues.
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    Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure or Indoor Pool

    We have been involved with several indoor builds. The most important thing to do is maintain dehumidification. One way to assist this is an auto cover. You need to maintain pool and room temperature within two degrees of each other. We have one customer who did a rolling polycarbonate enclosure...
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    Safety cover or Autocover for winter

    We have been doing autocovers for probably 25 years now and only have one customer who insisted on putting a safety cover on for the winter. I would go with the autocover and go on. Yes the cover takes a beating being exposed to the elements 365 days a year. Contact the cover manufacturer and...
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    Pool cover experiences

    Personally I would do a solid. I can put 20 x 40 on one man if it is folded right in the spring. Plus it keeps it clear no matter what
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    Drain water with automatic cover?

    I would recommend either a skimmer plug or an aquadoor skimmer faceplate to close off the skimmer
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    Replacement liner for Bermuda King?

    Looking for a place to get a liner for Bermuda King pool. Not sure this is the right name. All aluminum pool with fan deck usually, liner hooks in the face of the top rail and is about 1/8" wide. Half width of an inground liner bead.
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    Drain water with automatic cover?

    We never drain. Get a skimmer plug or aquadoor skimmer cover
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    New liner installation wrong??? I need help

    A 6" radius corner will never set into the corner. That is one of the reasons we recommend 2' radius or 4' radius corners. Liners always seem to fit those. It has nothing to do with mismeasuring it has to do with the way the liner is made
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    Coverstar cover issue

    Coverstar doesn't have a shear pin. They use a slip clutch. More than likely it is a broken rope. Take the lid off the cover on the mechanism end and see if there is two ropes going into the mechanism or not.