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    Failed Pressure Gauge or bigger problem?

    Our low temp was 8 in this entire thing, never lost power for more than 85 minutes during the rolling blackouts. Nothing froze and no leaks now. However, I noticed during the cold the pressure on the filter was in the 30-40 range with the pump on freeze protect high mode. After it warmed up, I...
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    Is this worth pushing PB about

    Our pool was finished in December. We have a section of the concrete deck that slopes down from the pool then back up before the microdrain. Water stands there a good while after rains and swimming. It's kind of annoying that the slope of the deck wasn't done right. Is this normal variations...
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    Calcium Test Problems

    Every so often for the calcium test, I put in the 10 drops, then 3 drops of the blue liquid and the water becomes a light pink color. Not the usual dark pink. If it does this, no matter how many drops I add, it never turns blue. Is it something I am doing?
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    About to do my first backwash

    It's time for my first backwash that I am solely responsible for. 60 Sqft Jandy DE filter. I've read the guide on here. I have a a Jandy Never lube valve on the pump that only has two settings. Filter and Backwash. In the post it mentions turning backwash until clear then turn to rinse and then...
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    Better deal for bleach

    Which is the Best Buy for me? Grocery store brand 1 gallon of 8% for $3 Pool company 10-12% for $4.50.
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    Brushing the Pool

    Do I just need to brush the walls weekly and not the floor? Seems like the polaris and its tail do a good job on the floor. Thanks!
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    Drainage Problem After Rain.

    We had our first big rain since the pool was built. Gutters probably accounted for much of this water. Best course of action would be to install a drain line for the gutters and reroute the water? The slope of the yard goes down to the pool. Hence the Raised Beam Wall.
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    New Pool - How are my runtimes?

    I have reached the 30 days where my PB wanted the pump on low 24/7 and Polaris everyday. Here is the schedule I have come up with. My Low Speed is 1500 RPM, High is 2250, and Cleaner is 2750. Everyday - Low from 630 AM until midnight Su/Tue/Thur/Saturday - Cleaner from 8 pm - 945 pm...
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    New startup. Brushing and chemicals.

    I’m at about 10 days post water. Still brushing everyday but not really noticing any decreases in dust. My pH got a little high but i got that lowered. Here are today’s levels. FC - 2.5 pH - 7.2 TA - 130 CH - 200 CYA - 10 pool builder is suppose to be taking care of it for a month but I’ve...
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    New Pool Start Up Pump Run Time and Speed

    I have a Jandy Variable Speed pump. PB set it up on "manufacture's reccommendations for 20 hours a day at 1750 rpm and 4 hours for booster pump at 2750. This seems like overkill? Thoughts? Thanks!
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    Rained after my deck pour

    Well it rained about 4 hours after the concrete was poured. Runoff from the roof (i should have gotten gutters) left big impressions and exposed some aggregate. The rest of the deck is in decent shape but variations in the top coat exists. They tried their best to keep up with it, but told my...
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    Signed Contract - Pool Build Thread - N San Antonio Texas

    Wife and I have been talking about it for awhile and we talked with a few builders and settled/signed with one. Initial steakout is next Tuesday with a dig date sometime around the beginning of October. That was our choice since we wanted it done around January. Thoughts? Here is what we are...