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    Failed Pressure Gauge or bigger problem?

    The Jandy guage has a pressure release valve to release pressure before taking apart. How will I do this with the standard gauge linked above?
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    Failed Pressure Gauge or bigger problem?

    Our low temp was 8 in this entire thing, never lost power for more than 85 minutes during the rolling blackouts. Nothing froze and no leaks now. However, I noticed during the cold the pressure on the filter was in the 30-40 range with the pump on freeze protect high mode. After it warmed up, I...
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    Running equipment 24/7 for two weeks?

    The pump on a low speed is very little electricity. There are some members on here who choose to run their pump on low 24/7 forever.
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    Should gunite be so uneven that you could trip over it?

    Thats nothing. Plaster crew will likely knock off some spots.
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    Pool Remodel underway...Is this right?

    Yeah it looks like they are just going on top of the old plaster and therefore just new tile on top. Im not sure if it is standard protocol to leave the old water line tile, but people tile over existing tile all the time inside. Maybe @bdavis466 knows more.
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    Pool Remodel underway...Is this right?

    Are they plastering over the old plaster or did they do a chip out? If they are plastering over the old plaster you have to account for that with the new tile as well. I could be wrong.
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    Pebble tec problem (maybe?)

    Seems like normal variations to me. My pebble tec pool has some of those spots.
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    Overnight test

    Ah okay. I think the SLAM guidelines mention 1 or less? you are right on the cusp. Good luck!
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    Overnight test

    This is what you stated: Came home 10 am. 13.5 Came home at 230. It’s 10. Got home it’s 10. I did it 3 times. So do I have algae or did the heat burn off that much even with my cell on? The chart shows the higher the chlorine the quicker the natural loss. That's all Im trying to help...
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    Overnight test

    Ive seen this posted. In general, chlorine at a higher concentration (blue line) doesnt last as long as lower values.
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    Overnight test

    Chlorine burns off much fast at high values. Seems like normal UV burn off to me.
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    Help! Can't keep chlorine levels up!

    Original poster is a good buddy of mine. I’ve been helping him along over the past week. I was at a loss so I suggested he make an account and post. The problem I have and not sure what to do with, is his pool is crystal clear but still losing considerable chlorine overnight.
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    Think about becoming a supporter. It help them keep the site running!
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    DIY - Poolwarehouse build

    2 skimmers and one return? You need at least 5 or 6 returns for that big of a pool. I would also recommend a main drain too.
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    PB used Stonescape when contract was for Pebblesheen

    Just think about how much money you made by being home and looking at the bags on the truck. WOW.
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    Do you have a variable speed pump? You have to check the pressure while it is running at prime speed to really get an idea of the operating pressure.
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    Taking the Plunge (literally and figuratively) with My Pea-Green Pool

    Home Depot has a 3 pack of 10% chlorinating liquid for 9.99. Best value in Texas it seems. If you buy 4 (12 gallons) which you will need for the SLAM they give you a discount...
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    Help with Pool bid???

    3 returns seems like nothing for a pool that size. My 12,500 gallon pool has 2 skimmers, main drain, and 6 returns.
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    Austin Owner Build (Raised Pool with Infinity Edge)

    Wow. Dude that is an amazing pool. Congrats on a job well done. Enjoy it this summer.
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    Pool company guy screwed up...

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    Pool company guy screwed up...

    whoa, I never knew that mknauss. I just turned it on in the app. How does it know who I am on the website? And can she stop testing for calcium and some other stuff daily now and save her supply?
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    New to pools, pool guy seems to have done nothing for us

    Invest in the kit, pool store will test your water and convince you to spend $$ on things you dont need. Follow the SLAM guidelines. It works.
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    Fiberglass IG Pool Quote Review - Am I Crazy?

    With the tfp methods my Gunite pool is pretty easy. I think that rumor may have been started by FG pool manufacturers. Haha
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    New pool construction in Austin, TX

    Suppose to be 30 days to fire up the heater due to plaster dust and the heater not mixing well.
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    I promise you wont get a good reading on any gauge in low RPMs on a VSP. Have to read it while the pump is priming when turning on.
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    we were told to look at the gauge for whether or not it needs to be backwashed when it is on high speed. Low speed on a VSP will never read a high PSI.
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    New (and first ever) Pool! Dallas, TX

    The holes should be on the bottom if there are any.
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    New (and first ever) Pool! Dallas, TX

    The green thing is a pop up drain. Does your overflow end there? When water goes through the pipe and up to the pop up, that green cover rises to let the water out.
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    I just want to reply to get notifications. Love this thread. Keep it up!