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    Pump for DIY solar heater

    Was talking to my local ACE store buddy that has a pool...i thought he said his 10x7 solar panel is plumbed in to his main Pentair variable speed. Here in fla his pool is 88 and ours (no solar yet) is 79.1 degrees.
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    Tired of a non working Hayward Navigator!

    My Nav..11 years old,lives in the pool...still "Jammin" no pun intended. I too would be uncomfortable with voltage in the water.:rolleyes:
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    First time with the TF-100!

    thanx kf..min 8 ,target 11-13 (y)
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    Hayward Super Pump stalling under load

    I have a 1hp Hayward 1.85 SF...quite the beast..keep us apprised :)
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    First time with the TF-100!

    My numbers similar to yours ,CYA 100 ,TA slightly lower. I run FC between 7 to 10..pool water nice and clear for over a year now. LC and MA only chemicals we use. :) I may post to see if i should run higher FC vs drain down to lower CYA.
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    Local Ace hardware has LC 10% @2.99 gallon

    HTH starts with a 21...gibberish to me after that...anybody used this brand?
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    Are these the correct parts?

    Yes..flange towards strainer. You had mentioned on a prior post my existing impeller size(SP3210C) should be fine with the V-green 1.65 ...any advantage with a different size as i will be ordering soon.
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    Are these the correct parts?

    Thanks James. The original diffuser (prior post you helped me on) which was damaged by the impeller ring probably due to 10 years of service has a part #SP3200B3. I stand corrected..the new OEM Hayward is a SP3200B3 and came with SP3021R in a sealed genuine Hayward bag. Anyway...installed the...
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    Are these the correct parts?

    Split from Cracked Diffuser? Just received oem hayward SPX3000BN for my came with the SPX3021R impeller ring in a sealed bag. My impeller is sp3210c.
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    pool cage rescreening - considering 20X20 over 18X14 screen for the roof

    Our original pool and enclosure build (T D Pool Wildwood Fla) has exact match for white and bronze that they used. Walmart has many colors 50 cent touch up bottles in there arts and craft sections that might get you buy. BTW what is meant by 18X14 to 20X20 type?
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    pool cage rescreening - considering 20X20 over 18X14 screen for the roof

    Same situation here in The Villages (10 yrs old)...some screens fine(aluminum charcoal color) others compromised..some insects but brillo at drain ends keeps most geckos out and our 2 kitten cats handle the rest. As far as maintenance, we have wiped down the cage framework(green...
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    Just wondering

    Win 10 and Firefox...image loud and clear.
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    Salt or chlorine

    Similar size pool to yours here in central Florida....Liquid chlorine for me...a gallon of 10% Walmart pool essentials($3.74) lasts over a week easily...a quick guess splash at falls or jets and run pump after sunset...pool stays xtal clear.
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    Texas Freeze Damage & Insurance

    Good post...awaiting comments.
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    Liquid Chlorine Price and Supply

    Walmart Essentials LC 10% here in central Fla...gallon $3.74
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    TriStar diffuser is this vent hole normal?

    Pump works fine without impeller ring but has slight gurgling diffuser and impeller ring on order.
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    TriStar diffuser is this vent hole normal?

    Wear ring split. Can i run without the ring until parts arrive. Pump was working fine..plenty of pressure and quiet.
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    TriStar diffuser is this vent hole normal?

    Discovered wear ring split digging into diffuser.
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    TriStar diffuser is this vent hole normal?

    If not can it be epoxied?
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    Union o ring type .. picture attached

    Thank you all..yes it is a Tristar..1 pair spx3200ug on order.
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    Union o ring type .. picture attached

    10-year-old super pump Hayward what style o-ring would I have ? Common o-ring from the hardware store or is this a dedicated profile?
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    Cool video compilation of snowpocalypse 2021

    Some call it the Canadian Hurricane....central fla here..a couple of upper 20's for a few hours early am(not consecutive nights),ran the pump all is good...all these broken pools..feeling you pain.
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    Are pump prices about to go up due to demand?

    Just bought a vsp V Green 1.65 from INYO for 399.95...price has been that for quite a while.
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Hmmm..will be following this post and welcome to TFP.