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    Okay to use HASA liquid chlorine in spa?

    Hello! I’ve been using HASA in our 23000 gallon pool and was wondering if it can also work in a spa. Thanks!
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    Lost Tooth While Swimming

    Hello, everyone! Strange question. My father was swimming in my pool and lost a fake tooth. I turned off the pump about two minutes after he lost it. I've looked in the 60-degree water, searching the floor with mask, freezing to death, and found nothing. Any idea of where it might be at this...
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    How long should I run vacuum?

    Hello, everyone. I have a question about how much my vacuum should be going/moving around the bottom every day. Currently, I have it hooked to the pump, which runs 6 am - midnight every day. (Please see attached picture.) However, it stops moving soon after the priming is finished. I can see...
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    New to testing, new to Taylor K-2006

    Hello! I just started taking care of our pool and stumbled upon this great site. My pool is a pebble-tec 23000 gallon Gunite. There's a floater with 4 3" tabs. It's been a bit cloudy. I just received my Taylor K-2006 and, upon first glance, i felt like i should enroll in a biology program at the...